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The Draft Encroachment Policy provides the basis for Council to manage encroachments on, over and under public land.

We want to inform you about and ask for your feedback about the proposed changes to the Encroachment Policy.

What is an Encroachment?

An encroachment is any element that projects beyond a private property boundary line and into the public realm. An encroachment can be over, under or on Council land.

Common above-ground encroachments include verandahs, balconies, signs and architectural features of buildings. Examples of below-ground encroachments are footings (including ground anchors), cabling and service-pits.

Some encroachments are minor and do not need Council approval. Other acceptable encroachments do require a permit.

Proposed Changes to the Encroachment Policy

The City of Adelaide has been reviewing the Encroachments Policy and is proposing changes to make clear what encroachments ‘will’ and ‘will not’ be approved. The following changes are proposed:

  • A shorter and simpler policy.
  • Clearer guidelines about what will or will not be supported which will speed up the approval process
  • Make sure that all encroachments benefit the public.
  • Reinforce the City’s street edge by aligning buildings behind property boundaries.
  • Guide when green wall and main entry porticos will be supported.
  • Introduce criteria to manage temporary ground anchors.
  • Revise and simplify the fee Schedule by:
    • Introducing specific fees and arrangements for temporary ground anchors, and;

    • Ensuring there are no ongoing fees for encroachments with community benefits such as for verandahs on Heritage Places, green walls, awnings over the footpath, or ground floor verandahs.

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