What is City of Adelaide's role in the leasing and licensing of the Adelaide Park Lands?

    The City of Adelaide is the custodian of most of the Adelaide Park Lands. To help activate dedicated areas for sport and recreational outcomes, the City of Adelaide seeks to partner with community organisations through formal leasing and licensing agreements.

    Under the relevant chapters of the Community Land Management Plan sporting fields operate under a licence arrangement which provides the licensee with first right of use (as nominated and approved). If not being used by the licensee these facilities are available to the public. 

    Sports buildings operate under a lease arrangement giving lessees sole occupancy for co-operative use and sub-letting opportunities consistent with the sporting objectives.

    What is the role of the Lessee/Licence Holder?

    It is proposed that, as a minimum, the responsibility of holding a lease/licence agreement with The City of Adelaide for buildings and sports field in the Park Lands is that the Lessee:

    • Uses the leased and licenced area in accordance with the approved Permitted Use (being community sport related),
    • Pay all building rent and licence fees as per the Adelaide Park Lands Leasing and Licencing Policy and Council’s annually endorsed Fees and Charges schedule,
    • Pays all costs associated with the use of the building and licensed area (i.e. - telephone, electricity, gas, oil, water and any other services/ utilities),
    • Maintains and repairs any buildings, fixtures, fittings or structures erected, fixed or placed in on or under the Licence Area in good and safe repair and condition, such as:
      1. drains, pipes, fencing, goal posts, manholes, reticulation equipment, all electrical equipment (including floodlights); and similar services, and 
      2. in cases where playing courts form the whole or part of the Licence Area will also include all court surfaces, perimeter fencing, net posts and perimeter access gates fencing, sports lights, irrigation etc.).
    • Will hold appropriate insurance policies (i.e. - Public Liability, Building and Infrastructure insurance),
    • Acknowledges that the building and licenced area may not be available for use and occupation because of any public or special events to be held in the Park Lands, and
    • Acknowledges that the licensed area will be used by the broader community when not in use by the lessee for informal recreation and sport activities.

    NOTE:   All EOI applications should assume responsibility for all repairs and maintenance for all infrastructure associated with the zones applied for (including buildings, irrigation, lighting etc – where applicable).

    What are the outcomes sought from the EOI process?

    The City of Adelaide is seeking EOI applications from community organisations that can demonstrate an ability to partner with Council to deliver on the outcomes sought for the Adelaide Park Lands.

    Consistent with the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy, the City of Adelaide seeks the following outcomes for the Adelaide Park Lands for community sport and recreation.


    • A diverse range of contemporary outdoor based sporting and athletic opportunities for a range of ages, genders, cultural backgrounds, and abilities, and
    • Facilities which provide community level sport and recreation.


    • Spaces that are well utilised throughout the year.

    Shared Uses and Spaces 

    • Sporting activity which complements and co-exists with the informal recreational activity occurring in Veale Park / Walyu Yarta (Park 21), and
    • Outdoor recreational and sporting activity (indoor sporting activity is not consistent with the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy).

    Well Managed Facilities

    • Organisations that can partner with the City of Adelaide to deliver community sport and recreation outcomes, and
    • Organisations that have the capacity to provide and maintain facilities and open spaces to an appropriate standard.

    The following is discouraged on the Park Lands:

    • Excessive built form,
    • Car parking,
    • Fenced areas that restrict community access, and
    • Single purpose facilities.


    Note: This EOI process does not include the following, which will be part of subsequent discussions and processes following approval of the preferred proponent (Lessee):

    • Actual lease/licence negotiations, and
    • Proposals for new buildings/facilities, including design and footprint (size of the building).

    Who can apply?

    Only incorporated businesses and organisations will be granted a lease or licence. Individuals will not be granted a lease or licence over Park Land.

    All applicants must demonstrate the ability to meet the Assessment Criteria including all financial obligations under a lease or licence and maintain appropriate insurances.

    How do you provide your Expression of Interest?


    To apply online please visit yoursay.cityofadelaide.com.au  or email your EOI to yoursay@cityofadelaide.com.au.


    Written submissions can be dropped off at the Customer Centre at 25 Pirie Street or addressed to:

    Att: Laura Morgan
    Expression of Interest
    Leasing Opportunities - Veale Park / Walyu Yarta (Park 21)
     GPO Box 2252, Adelaide SA 5001

    All applications must be received by 5:00pm, Monday 11 April 2022

    What will happen after the call for EOIs closes?

    After the prescribed closing date, all EOI applications will be acknowledged by email.  

    All EOI applications received will be assessed against the Selection Criteria provided on the Submission Form by a review panel. As part of the EOI reporting requirements to Kadaltilla/Park Lands Authority and Council, Council has the final right to select one or none of the EOI nominations.

    If only one submission is received and meets the requirements outlined in the Assessment Criteria, Council staff have delegation to directly negotiate a new lease with the proponent, therefore negating the need to report outcomes of the EOI process to Kadaltilla/Park Lands Authority and Council. Alternatively, if one submission is received and does not satisfy the requirements outlined in the Assessment Criteria, Council staff may call for a new EOI process.

    Due to the competitive nature of this EOI process, staff are unable to provide specific advice and information to applicants to avoid  giving your application an unfair advantage over other applications.


    EOI opens:                                                     21 March 2022

    EOI closes:                                                     11 April 2022

    Review submissions:                                      April 2022

    Report to Kadaltilla/Park Lands Authority:     June 2022

    Report to Council:                                           August 2022

    Notify applicants of Council decision:             August 2022