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Adelaide City Council is committed to creating a vibrant city full of exciting events and activities that caters to a diverse range of people.

Events in the Public Realm have the potential to cause noise related environmental impacts. As a requirement by legislation (Environment Protection Act 1993) Event Organisers have a legal responsibility to prevent and minimise these impacts. First developed in 2008, the Event Noise Mitigation Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) outlines the noise mitigation requirements and procedures that Event Organisers are required to follow when operating events in the public realm. This also ensures the liveability needs of residents by reducing noise related environmental impact.

Since 2008, the SOPs have undergone a number of reviews including the most comprehensive review taking place following the 2014 ‘Festival’ period. The review included extensive industry consultation along with seeking input from acoustic engineering experts. The revised SOPs were endorsed by Council in June 2014. Assurance was given to Council that a further review would take place post the 2015 ‘Festival’ period.

To ensure the SOPs are relevant for Event Organisers Council is seeking feedback from groups who operated under these SOPs and other industry stakeholders in 2014-15. Your feedback will provide an insight to the practical use of the SOPs through your past experience and assist in the 2015 review and to help inform any amendments to the SOPs for future events.

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