Who do I contact for more information?

    Kimberley Whittle
    Event Consultant
    (08) 8203 7203

    What happens to my feedback?

    All submissions will be collated and included in a report to Council to assist in making a decision regarding the event lease.

    A report will be presented to the City Culture and Community Services Committee on Tuesday 4 September 2012 followed by the Council meeting on Tuesday 11 September 2012.

    Agendas and minutes of the Committee and Council meetings are available on adelaidecitycouncil.com/council/meetings

    How else can I provide my feedback?

    Submission Form
    Complete the Submission Form to provide your feedback. Submissions must include the name and residential address of the respondent, and will be included in a report to Council which will be publically available.

    Online/ Website
    Council has a dedicated website that provides an opportunity for quick and efficient online feedback. Visit yoursay.adelaidecitycouncil.com for information about the project and online ways to provide your comments.

    Alternatively comments can be emailed to events@adelaidecitycouncil.com 

    Written Submissions
    All written submissions must be received by 5.00 pm on
    Tuesday 7 August 2012 and should be addressed to:

    Community Consultation
    Feast Festival
    GPO Box 2252,
    Adelaide SA 5001

    Electronic submissions are available online at yoursay.adelaidecitycouncil.com, or alternatively comments can be e-mailed directly to yoursay@adelaidecitycouncil.com.

    Will access to Light Square be affected during the event?

    Access will be restricted during the set up and pull down phases of the event, for the purpose of public safety. However, pedestrian access will be maintained through the square during the event (except Opening Night),

    Will it cost to attend the event?

    The event has a mixture of ticketed and free entry elements.

    How will the Park Lands be protected during their stay?

    In addition to the standard requirements under the event lease, Feast Festival will be responsible for minimising impacts on the Park Lands by following Adelaide City Council’s Standard Operating Procedures for Events in the Park Lands.

    The event will be responsible for restoring the park to its original condition at the end of the event.

    Specifically Feast Festival has committed to undertaking the following Park Lands protection measures:
    •    Track matting and pedestrian matting to specific high traffic areas to protect Park Land surface.
    •    Watering of the grass daily on all accessible areas.
    •    Dedicated vehicle access areas during the event.

    Can I expect noise where I live?

    Feast Festival is required to abide by a Noise Mitigation plan for this event.  Residents in surrounding areas will be notified by the event organiser via a mail drop at least two weeks prior to the event detailing the event times and contact information for complaints or queries. 

    We will also be appointing an independent acoustic engineer to ensure compliance with acceptable noise levels for the Opening Night Party.

    Is parking available at the event site?

    On-site parking is not provided for this event.  Members of the public are encouraged to use Public transport.

    I have already seen a poster or advertisement for this event. Has it already been approved?

    Approval for an event requiring public consultation is only given after the consultation period has concluded and Council has had the opportunity to review any submissions.

    We discourage any event from promotions prior to Council approval.

    In some instances, particularly national tours, there is a need for events to announce dates in each capital city.  This however does not constitute Council approval for the event.