Other planning changes

Council and the Minister for Planning have been working on a program of Development Plan Amendments (DPA's) to improve city design, support residential development, support the health and education sectors and retain our heritage assets.

On 29 May 2017, the Minister for Planning announced that he has approved several DPAs, released a new Heritage Places (Institutions and Colleges) DPA for consultation and is progressing with a number of other planning initiatives to plan for the future of Adelaide and South Australia. I have attached with this correspondence a document summarising these items and where you can find more information.

Development Plan Amendments:The Minister for Planning has made a decision on the following DPA’s:

· North Adelaide Large (Institutions and Colleges) DPA – Gazetted 30 May 2017

· North Adelaide Former Channel 9 Site DPA – Gazetted 30 May 2017

· Capital City (Design Quality) DPA – Gazetted 30 May 2017

These decisions mean that the Adelaide (City) Development Plan is updated from the 30 May 2017 and will be used to assess any development applications lodged from this date forward.

The Minister for Planning approved a number of changes to the Planning System. You can view a summary sheet here.

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Consultation has concluded

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