Former Channel 9 Site - Draft Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

    What is a Development Plan?

    A Development Plan contains planning and development policies, indicates how an area should develop and is used to assess development applications.

    What is the Development Plan Amendment?

    A Development Plan Amendment (DPA) changes policy in the Development Plan in order to guide future development. A Council may initiate amendments, but the Minister for Planning is ultimately responsible for the content of the Plan.

    Why is Council preparing a DPA?

    An un-used site is poor for amenity and maintenance of heritage. There are limited options for re-use and development under the existing Development Plan. Having received initial feedback from the community (May-June 2016) as well as a submission on behalf of Tynte Street Development Pty Ltd (November 2015), Council is supporting, through this draft DPA, conservation and re-use of historic buildings, sensitive redevelopment, and the site remaining in the North Adelaide Historic (Conservation) Zone.

    Current building height and plot ratio restrictions do not take into account the larger size of the former Channel 9 site, the scale of some existing buildings, or potential to combine conservation and restoration of heritage buildings with future medium-rise dwellings on portion of the site. They reflect the situation of numerous small residential sites within theZone which have less scope for increases in development scale without significant undue impact on built heritage, historic character and/or residential amenity.

    Is re-development appropriate in the North Adelaide Historic (Conservation) Zone?

    Yes, in some instances. The Zone currently supports re-development of non-residential sites for housing where this does not involve removal of heritage buildings. Also, structures unsympathetic to the historic streetscape character and not of heritage value are appropriate to remove – like the tall mast and buildings established by Channel 9 site from 1959 (before introduction of the Historic (Conservation) Zone in 2006).

    Will buildings of heritage value be protected?

    Yes. If the row cottages at 62-80 Wellington Square are listed as a Local Heritage Place, as proposed, all buildings of heritage value on the site would be protected as either a Local Heritage Place or a State Heritage Place.

    Has a developer lodged an application for the Former Channel 9 Site?

    No. There is no current development application for the site.

    However, Tynte Street Development Pty Ltd has written to Council regarding a future intent to develop the land, and has provided illustrative architectural concepts and drawings (received on 24 June 2016). These public documents are on Council’s website www.yoursay.adelaidecitycouncil

    Who prepared the draft DPA?

    The draft DPA has been independently prepared by Council based on advice from its professional staff.

    Attached to the DPA are documents for reference purposes:

    ·  submissions on behalf of Tynte Street Development Pty Ltd;

    ·  heritage assessments commissioned by Council and prepared by independent experts (Donovan & Associates and Stevens Architects).

    What documents are available for comment?

    The DPA and the attached independent heritage assessments (mentioned above) are available for comment.

    Will there be opportunity to comment on a development application?

    It is Council’s intent that future applications for significant development on the former Channel 9 Site lodged after authorisation of the DPA would require public notification.

    The same types of application would be notified as are notified now (under the current Development Plan). However, the DPA proposes that some developments (eg. up to six building levels on the main part of the site) will no longer be non-complying.

    As a result of this change to the non-complying list, some applications now subject to Category 3 public notification would be subject to the less extensive Category 2 notification process under State legislation. Though Council practice is to exceed the minimum notification standards in legislation, a person making a representation on a Category 2 application would not have an appeal right against the decision made.

    Why is the DPA altering height limits?

    The North Adelaide (Historic Conservation) Zone specifies that development exceeding two building levels or 6 metres to the upper ceiling is non-complying (discouraged and subject to third-party appeal). Given the larger-than-typical size of the former Channel 9 site, and presence of taller buildings on site and along Tynte Street (some of these of heritage value), the main part of the site is appropriate for some carefully sited and scaled taller buildings. A character and visual assessment of the site and its locality suggests up to six levels can be achieved with the upper levels set back from the site’s boundaries with historic cottages and residential land to reduce external impacts. This will support a transition from a dis-used television station to a primarily residential site while respecting the historic setting. Because of the much narrower width of the portion of the site fronting Gover Street, the existing height limits will be retained over this part of the site.

    How is Building Height Calculated?

    Building height is measured from the finished ground level to the ceiling height of the top-most storey of the building. Building height is expressed in building levels and metres. This measurement excludes attachments to the building and plant and equipment located on the rooftop.

    How will building heights be controlled?

    A new Concept Plan and other proposed amendments will ensure taller development occurs centrally and towards Tynte Street, with lower heights along boundaries with residential properties – plus retention of the one-storey row cottages facing Wellington Square and already-listed heritage buildings.

    What about parking?

    Off-street car parking to address the needs of residents would primarily be at basement level. Existing Australian Standards and Development Plan guidelines address the amount and layout of off-street parking. On-street parking arrangements throughout North Adelaide, and (if proposed), any changes in specific locations, will be the subject of further consultation.

    Will the existing tall tower be removed

    It is no longer used by Channel 9 so would not be retained in a redevelopment.

    When will development commence? How long will it take?

    The timing and staging of construction, and how it is managed day-by-day to avoid or minimise impacts on residents, will depend on the developer (subject to necessary approvals).

    How do I know my feedback has been received?

    You should receive confirmation by email or letter within or soon after the consultation period. If you don’t receive this, please call us on 8203 7684.

    Where can I get more Information?

    Drop-In Information Session: Come and talk to a Council planner any time from 10am to 1pm and from 4pm to 7pmon Tuesday 16 August at the North Adelaide Community Centre (176 Tynte Street).

    Join us for a Public Information Meeting:Monday 22 August 2016, 7.30pm at the North Adelaide Community Centre, 176 Tynte St, North Adelaide. Please RSVP by 19 August on 8203 7474 to Cassia Dafoe.

    The draft DPA can be viewed or obtained at: www.yoursay.adelaidecitycouncil

    or in Council libraries and community centres, as well as the Customer Centre, Ground Floor, 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide.

    If unable to attend scheduled events (above), feel free to contact or request a meeting with Council staff.

    How do I comment?

    Submissions must be submitted no later than 5.00 pm on Friday 30 September 2016. You can fill out the submission form in writing or submit electronically via Council’s web page  or email

    By Post: Please send to DPA Consultation, Adelaide City Council, GPO Box 2252, ADELAIDE SA 5001.

    Copies of all submissions will be available for inspection at the Customer Centre, 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide from 3 October 2015 until the conclusion of the Public Hearing.

    Public Hearing You have the opportunity to be heard at a public hearing to be held from 5.30pm on Monday 10 October 2016 at the Adelaide Town Hall, 128 King William Street, Adelaide.

    To assist staff, please indicate in your submission whether you would like to be heard. People do not need to make a submission to be able to speak at the public hearing. If no-one requests to be heard or if no submissions are received the public hearing will not be held. 

    For more information or assistanceplease contact:  Jim Allen on 8203 7684 or

    How are decisions made?

    After the public hearing, Council will review all comments and may alter the draft DPA. If you make a submission, you will be advised on how Council has responded to your submission.

    The draft DPA, incorporating any changes arising from the consultation process, as well as copies of all submissions received and Council’s response to submissions, will be sent to the Minister for Planning.

    The Minister considers the matters and then makes the final decision on DPA. Amendments approved by the Minister (with or without any changes) come into force on the day the approval is published in the Government Gazette.

    The Minister’s decision is subject to final review by the Environment, Resources and Development Committee of State Parliament.

North Adelaide Former Channel 9 Site - Initial consultation

    What is a Development Plan Amendment?

    A Development Plan explains how an area is expected to develop and is used to assess development applications. Either the Council or the Minister for Planning may initiate changes to a Development Plan, but the Minister is ultimately responsible for the content, structure and layout.

    A Development Plan Amendment may change the zoning of land and/or other policy affecting development.

    Will re-development support the original purpose of the Historic (Conservation) Zone?

    The Zone currently supports re-development of non-residential sites for housing where this does not involve removal of heritage buildings. Structures unsympathetic to the historic streetscape character and not of heritage value are appropriate to remove and replace, including structures established by Channel 9 from 1959 (before introduction of the Historic (Conservation) Zone in 2006).

    Why is Council involved?

    Channel 9’s decision to relocate to Pirie Street means the site no longer has a use. A review of how the site may be used and developed is timely, and can help promote restoration of older heritage or historic buildings on the site. Council will engage community members with a stake in the outcome. Council supports the site remaining in the North Adelaide Historic (Conservation) Zone.

    How will height, overshadowing, overlooking and parking be managed?

    All are issues for the proposed Development Plan Amendment to address. It is hoped to prepare this soon, then release it for public feedback later in the year – see Indicative Timeline below.

    How do I provide my feedback?

    All feedback must be received by 5.00 pm Friday 10 June 2016 there are a number of ways in which you can provide feedback:

    Online/ WebsiteCouncil has a dedicated website that provides an opportunity for quick and efficient online feedback. Visit alternatively comments can be emailed to

    Written feedback All written feedback must be received by 5.00 pm on Friday, 10 June 2016 and should be addressed to:

    Rick Hutchins

    Associate Director Planning and Development

    GPO Box 2252

    ADELAIDE SA 5001

    For further information about the project, please visit our website

    After considering the early feedback, Council may opt to endorse a draft DPA for consultation. The ‘indicative timeline’ below explains steps in the DPA and consultation process.