What will the works involve?

    The renewal will be undertaken in stages. The first stage will require the excavation of Francis Street (west side) from Da Costa Arcade to Rundle Mall to replace the sub-surface stormwater pipes, pits and property connections. 

    The second stage of works will improve the sub-grade to ensure Francis Street continues to provide a fit for purpose thoroughfare. The third and final stage of works will be the re-surfacing of Francis Street with paver stencilled asphalt. Surface grades will be improved to meet DDA requirements.

    What works are required?

    Initial Investigation – An initial geo-technical investigation will be undertaken and potholing to locate placement of underground services.  

    Site Setup - The works contractor will setup their site compound on the southern end of Francis Street (DaCosta Arcade end) The work zone will be fenced. 

    Trenching – The contractor will excavate trenches in stages removing existing piping and sumps carefully working around existing services. 

    Infrastructure installation - The contractor will install new pipes and supporting infrastructure into trenches and systematically fill trenches once complete.

    Resurfacing – The Contractor will remediate the sub grade, if necessary, followed by the installation of a concrete spoon drain and paver stencilled asphalt. 

    Final Commissioning and Testing – The Contractor will commission to ensure it is all functioning properly.

    When will the works start?

    Initial testing took place in late August 2022 with construction planned for 2023. Construction will be undertaken as night works.

    How long will this project take?

    Works are expected to take 8-12 weeks with completion in 2023

    What can I expect during the works?

    There will be some noise and dust while works are underway; however all efforts will be undertaken to minimise disruption. It will be necessary to close off the western half of Francis Street and DaCosta Arcade during works.

    Will my bins be picked up?

    Bins will be collected. Council will be seeking information on what services currently access Francis Street to ensure these services are maintained during the construction phase.

    Will the City Library and Hawker Walker remain open and accessible from Francis Street?

    Yes, access will be maintained to the City Library and Hawker Walker via Francis Street. The City Library will also be accessible from Rundle Place