Is there an alternative way to provide my feedback?

    Meet with a staff member
    A member of the project team will be available for you to meet and will be able to answer your questions and discuss any concerns you may have.

    Customer Centre
    25 Pirie St, Adelaide. Please report to reception.
    - Tuesday 24 September, 12 noon to 2 pm
    - Wednesday 25 September, 12 noon to 2 pm
    - Thursday 26 September, 12 noon to 2 pm

    Our Customer, Libraries and Community Centres have hardcopy Consultation Packs available.

    Email us
    Comments can be emailed to

    Write to us
    All written submissions must be received by 5.00 pm on the 15 August 2013 and should be addressed to:
    Community Consultation
    Frome Street Bikeway
    GPO Box 2252, Adelaide SA 5001

    If the times or location are not convenient please telephone Chris Hardman on 8203 7519 to arrange a meeting.

    Who can I contact for further information?

    For more information, please contact:
    Name: Chris Hardman
    Title: Senior Transport Planner
    Phone: 08 8203 7519
    Email Address:

    What can be changed?

    The bike lanes are part of Council’s long term strategy to encourage people to travel by bike and are a non-negotiable element of this project.

    There is some flexibility as to which spaces can be used for parking, loading or bin presentation zones. All requests for change will be considered and will be evaluated on their merits.

    Why kerbside separated bike lanes?

    Kerbside separated bike lanes were identified through the community and stakeholder engagement process, undertaken in November 2012, to be the preferred option for the Frome Street Bikeway.

    The introduction of kerb-side separated bike lanes both nationally and internationally have shown to lead to a substantial rise in the number of people who choose to ride bikes.

    Kerbside separated bike lanes increases bike rider safety by separating bikes from moving motor traffic and parking manoeuvres, including car door openings, and provides a clear definition of bike space, which cannot be encroached by moving motor vehicles.

    What benefits will there be for businesses and residents?

    The Frome Street Bikeway will improve the whole streetscape by providing many new landscaped areas, more street trees, bike parking and creating a street, not only for cars but for people as well.

    Studies have shown that a high proportion of all retail expenditure comes from local residents and workers within walking distance, space allocated to bicycle parking can produce much higher levels of retail spend than the same space devoted to car parking.

    The Heart Foundation’s ‘Good for Busine$$’ discussion paper provides more information on this subject and is available at

    Will there be any benefits for pedestrians?

    The Bikeway provides shaded pedestrian crossing points half-way along each block and also provides median refuges in Carrington Street to allow an easier and safer crossing and a continuous footpath across the junctions of Worsnop Avenue and Ifould Street.

    Will the bikeway continue along Frome Street?

    The Bikeway will continue up to North Terrace. Concept designs are currently being developed. Consultation for this section of the Bikeway is due to take place late 2013.

    What is a bin presentation zone?

    Throughout the City on waste collection days the crews of collection vehicles often have to man-handle bins through parked cars to enable the truck to empty them. This slows the waste collection process, prolonging the noise made by the truck and increasing collection costs.

    The Frome Street Bikeway provides an opportunity to trial bin presentation zones. These zones allow residents and businesses to move their bins, via the ramps provided, to designated areas to allow a more efficient waste collection. It is proposed that the zones will operate from 4 pm Wednesday to 4 pm Thursday. Outside of these times the zones can be used for parking. The success of the zones will depend on the goodwill of motorists, residents and businesses to move parked vehicles and bins.

    Before their introduction, an education campaign will inform residents and the drivers of vehicles parked in Regent Street North and the surrounding streets of how they work, emphasising that they depend on the goodwill of all users.
    The trial will be monitored and its performance evaluated. If the trial is unsuccessful the bin presentation zone will be removed.

    How will the safety of bike riders be improved?

    A one metre wide kerbed buffer will separate bike riders from parked cars and car doors, with the parking and loading zone providing further separation between bike riders and motor traffic. Clear visibility is provided at the side roads and the busier side roads have a continuous footpath that provides a ‘speed bump’ to slow vehicle speeds.

    What effect will there be on parking?

    Overall, 30 on-street parking spaces will be removed, with 64 on-street parking spaces remaining. A parking survey has shown that the maximum number of vehicles parked in this length of Frome Street was 61, occurring between 10 am and 11 am. The survey results demonstrate that the maximum number of parked cars can be accommodated within the 64 remaining spaces.

    A total of 11 on-street parking spaces will not be available during the busiest traffic times and will be used by left turning vehicles. This will occur between 7 am and 9 am and 4 pm and 6 pm, Monday to Friday. The parking survey shows that the highest number of vehicles parked during these times is 45. This number of vehicles can be accommodated in the 53 full-time on-street parking spaces provided.

    What effect will there be on the loading zones?

    Overall, 5 metres of loading zone will be removed. Wherever possible the individual loading zone lengths have been increased to allow for longer delivery vehicles.

    Loading zones have been relocated further away from the stop line of traffic lights to allow more vehicles to wait at the stop line before the lights change to green. The maximum distance a loading zone has been moved by is 30 metres.

    Why will any parking spaces or loading zones be removed?

    As we are changing the street layout, we need to comply with the current Australian Road Rules. This requires no stopping within 20 m of traffic lights and 10 m of intersecting side roads.

    To maintain safe visibility at the junctions with side roads, only bike and motorcycle parking has been allowed, as these vehicles are low enough not to block the view of pedestrians, drivers and riders.

    Will there be more congestion for motor vehicles?

    To fit the bikeway onto Frome Street it is necessary to remove one lane of traffic in each direction and to reduce the number of lanes at the traffic lights. This affects how many motor vehicles can use Frome Street.

    To keep traffic flowing, the right turns at the traffic signals will be restricted during the busiest times of the day. Traffic data shows that this restriction will affect 10% of traffic on Frome Street. Motorists wanting to turn right from Frome Street are advised to make their journeys outside of the busiest times or to consider alternative routes.

    To further improve the operation of the traffic lights and to allow more vehicles to wait at the stop line, the loading zones have been relocated further from the stop line. A total of 11 parking spaces located close to traffic light stop lines will not be available for use during the busiest times of the day.