Future Music Festival

Future Music Festival was held in the east Park Lands from 2008 to 2011.

Due to the growth of the event, in 2012 the Future Music Festival was held in Tambawodli (Park 24) as a test event for the purposes of determining the suitability of the site for major events.

Construction on the new major event space is planned during 2012/13.  Therefore it is proposed to locate the 2013 Future Music Festival in Bonython Park/Tulya Wodli as a once off occurrence while the new major event space is under construction.

The Future Music Festival presents an international line up of music, presenting a mix of live artists, DJ’s and MC’s.

Future Music Festival tours Australia in March stopping in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.
The event set up is scheduled to start on Monday 4 March 2013 with pull down to be completed by Friday 15 March 2013.  It is anticipated that the event will attract approximately 30 000 people in total. Opening hours are proposed from 12.00noon to 10.00pm Monday 11 March 2013.

Event infrastructure in the Park Lands will include:
•    Associated marquees and tented structures
•    Food Service - catering/selling vans or booths
•    Staging and/or rigging
•    Public address and lighting support equipment
•    Toilets
•    Signage for the event
•    Ticket boxes
•    Tiered seating
•    Waste Management
•    Support or promotional vehicles
•    Amusement Rides
•    Fireworks

We are committed to creating a vibrant city full of exciting and popular cultural and artistic events and activities.
The Future Music Festival is now in the 7th year of presenting the Future Music Festival nationally and has enjoyed tremendous success with attendance levels and demand growing each year.

uture Music Festival will attract approximately 30 000 visitors during the event.

The Future Music Festival is being relocated to Bonython Park/Tulya Wodli while works are being undertaken in Tambawodli (Park 24).  This will be as a once off only while Tambawodli (Park 24) is being developed to accommodate large scale events.  Once the development has been completed it is planned that Future Music will return to Tambawodli (Park 24) in 2014.

Both Soundwave and Future Music Festival are proposed to occupy Bonython Park/Tulya Wodli between 24 February and 15 March 2013, a total of 20 days.  Pedestrian and cyclist access to Bonython Park will be restricted during this time, alternate routes will be provided and sign posted in advance of these closures. 

The cycle path along the southern side of the River Torrens through Bonython Park/Tulya Wodli will be available throughout this period apart from the two event days – Saturday 2 March 2013 (Soundwave) and Monday 11 March 2013 (Future Music Festival).

Adelaide City Council will work with the event organisers to keep access to playgrounds where it is safe to do so.
A plan of the alternate access routes and playground operational dates will be made available on the Adelaide City Council website prior to the event as well as being communicated onsite via pre-event signage.

A lane closure on Port Road is implemented as part of the traffic management plan to facilitate a slip road for safe pick-ups and drop-offs. Speed restrictions on Port Road are also implemented on the event day to ensure the safety of the public.

Future Music Festival will be responsible for minimising impacts on the Park Lands by following Adelaide City Council’s Standard Operating Procedures for Events in the Park Lands.  The event will be responsible for restoring the park to its original condition at the end of the event.

uture Music Festival must also comply with Adelaide City Council’s Noise Mitigation Standard Operating Procedures.


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