Which part of Gawler Place is being upgraded?

    The Gawler Place Upgrade includes the sections from North Terrace to Rundle Mall and Rundle Mall to
    Grenfell Street.

    What is the Gawler Place Upgrade?

    On completion of the upgrade, Gawler Place will be a vibrant, green and people-focused street and provide a high quality retail experience.

    The upgrade includes a new low speed, shared use environment (for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians), wider footpaths, improved lighting and increased bicycle parking. It includes spaces for events and performances, as well as seating and outdoor dining areas for meeting
    friends and family.

    An innovative new shade structure in Gawler Place north and new large trees and understorey plants will ensure Gawler Place is an attractive, cool, shady and inviting place.

    The upgrade will ensure that Gawler Place remains an attractive destination where people shop, visit and spend time.

    The final design of the upgrade can be viewed at www.yourfutureadelaide.com.au.

    Why upgrade Gawler Place?

    Gawler Place is one of the busiest streets in Adelaide with over 25,000 people moving between Grenfell Street and North Terrace every day. The new tram stop on North Terrace (at the end of Gawler Place) will bring even more people into Gawler Place each day.

    Gawler Place connects city workers, students, visitors, tourists, and businesses to Rundle Mall, North Terrace, the ANZAC Memorial Walk on Kintore Avenue, the Riverbank, car parks and public transport. Many people visit Gawler Place to use the variety of businesses and
    services it provides.

    The current footpaths on Gawler Place are narrow and at times, over crowded. There are also few places for people to meet, sit or relax. There are no street trees in Gawler Place for shade and local street appeal.

    Upgrading Gawler Place will provide a pleasant environment for the many and growing number of people using the street, and will also encourage people to stay, shop and spend time.

    How is the upgrade funded?

    The Gawler Place Upgrade is being entirely funded by the City of Adelaide as part of developing the Rundle Mall Precinct as Adelaide’s premier shopping destination.

    What about construction and how long will the upgrade take?

    Planning construction requires careful consideration of the need to maintain an appropriate level of access in, out and along Gawler Place, Fisher Place and Featherstone Place, as well as consideration of the limited space Gawler Place has available in which to do the construction work.

    Given the busy nature of Gawler Place, the construction works will have some impact on businesses, services and people that use the street. The works will be undertaken during the day and at night, they will create some access limitations to pedestrians and vehicles, and are likely to be noisy at times.

    It is a priority to manage construction staging efficiently and in a timely manner, while managing disruption to businesses and properties on Gawler Place and adjoining arcades.

    Pre-construction activities will start in March 2018 including utility services and ground investigations at select locations in Gawler Place. These activities involve saw-cutting and digging up the ground, as well as high pressure water and vacuum techniques. 

    To minimise access disruption for people and vehicles, most pre-construction activities will take place after business hours (i.e. evening through to early morning).

    More information about the construction of the project will be provided ahead of the major works commencing.

    The upgrade of Gawler Place is a complex project and involves undertaking works in a very busy street that will need to be staged to manage impacts on traders, businesses, building owners and other stakeholders as well as the wider community. Therefore, the project may take up to 18 months to complete.

    How will nearby traders, businesses and building owners be supported?

    We will work with Gawler Place traders, businesses, building owners and other stakeholders in the lead-up and during construction to manage the impacts.

    Working closely with traders and businesses we will develop strategies to maintain their profile during construction and assist them to communicate to their customers, clients and passers-by that Gawler Place is ‘open for business’. Examples of the types of support that may be provided include targeted advertising, ‘open for business’ and directional signage, information to upload to websites or directly email/text to existing trader/business client and customer databases.

    Regular updates will also be provided to traders,businesses, building owners and other stakeholders as construction progresses, with direct contact made with those most affected.

    These updates will include information about upcoming construction and changes to access so that any necessary information can be communicated to customers, suppliers or providers.

    A dedicated project phone number and email are also available with project staff able to provide prompt feedback and discuss any matters that arise.

    Will the Gawler Place UPark be open during construction?

    Yes – construction will be staged to allow access in and out of the UPark on Gawler Place between North Terrace and Rundle Mall for the majority of the time that it is open. Some restrictions will occur as work needs to be undertaken in front of the U-park entry/exit point.

    What will happen to the taxi rank in Gawler Place?

    The existing taxi rank in Gawler Place between North Terrace and Rundle Mall will need to be temporarily removed during construction to enable the staging of the construction works.

    Alternate taxi ranks are located on Grenfell Street and at either end of Rundle Mall on King William Street and Pulteney Street. 

    The completed upgrade will include three new taxi bays in Gawler Place between North Terrace and Rundle Mall.

    What will happen to the loading bays?

    We recognise the importance of being able to service the businesses and traders in Gawler Place.

    During construction, 2 temporary loading bays will be maintained at all times in Gawler Place between North Terrace and Rundle Mall and 2 temporary loading bays between Rundle Mall and Grenfell Street. The locations of the bays will move during construction according to where the works are being carried out.

    We will communicate with courier operators and traders so that they are aware of the changes to the location of the loading bays as construction progresses. 

    The final upgrade will include 5 loading bays in Gawler Place between Rundle Mall and Grenfell Street and 3 loading bays between North Terrace and Rundle Mall.

    What will happen to accessible car parking?

    Accessibility to all users is an essential part of the design of the Gawler Place Upgrade, which was informed through conversations with our Access and Inclusion Panel.

    The accessibility of the street overall will be dramatically improved. There will be wider footpaths, improved and consistent paving and open, clear and uncluttered areas to easily move through the space.

    During construction, at least 2 temporary on-street accessible parking spaces will be maintained in Gawler Place between Rundle Mall and Grenfell Street. The locations of the parking spaces will move during construction according to where works are being carried out.

    Disability permit holders can also apply for a ‘UPark Accessibility Pass’ which provides 2 hours free parking up to 52 times per year in accessible parking spaces in UPark’s, including the one located in Gawler Place between North Terrace and Rundle Mall. To find out more about how to use these accessible parks go to www.cityofadelaide.com.au or contact the Customer
    Centre on 8203 7203.

    The completed upgrade will include on-street accessible parking spaces in Gawler Place between North Terrace and Rundle Mall and an accessible-only drop-off and pick-up space in Gawler Place between Rundle Mall and Grenfell Street.

    How will waste and recycling collection be managed?

    City of Adelaide waste collection will continue every Wednesday as normal and recycling once a fortnight on Wednesdays. Collection will continue to take place between 5 and 6 am.

    City of Adelaide cardboard collection will continue every Tuesday between 7 and 8 pm.

    The location of collection points will move during construction according to where works are being carried out. We will discuss bin and cardboard collection points with traders, businesses, building owners and stakeholders to ensure that the services are maintained.

    Gawler Place traders and tenants should discuss any private waste collection services directly with their providers. We will provide regular updates to traders and tenants on any changes to access as the construction progresses and work with them to ensuretheir waste can be collected during construction.

    How can I provide feedback and stay in touch with what is happening with the Upgrade?

    You can make an enquiry, provide feedback or register to receive project updates by emailing
    feedback@gawlerplaceupgrade.com.au or calling our dedicated phone service on 1300 766 046.

    Also, keep an eye on the Upgrade project webpage at