Why are the leash arrangements being proposed at this time?

    The on/off leash arrangements are being proposed to provide clarity to all users of the Park Lands. Previous Council decisions on this matter designated some off-leash areas but did not address the Park Lands as a whole. Also, some of the existing signage is inconsistent with accepted use leading to confusion among the community.

    Once endorsed by Council, all on-leash areas will be identified by signs and information on Council’s website as required under the Dogs By-Law 2018. Maps will also be available through the CoA Customer Centre.

    Why ban the hives of European Honeybees? Aren’t all bees good for the environment?

    All bees are of ecological value; however European Honeybees tend to be more successful in competing with native bees when foraging for nectar. The local native bee population, which is preferable from a biodiversity perspective, will be better supported if the European Honeybees is not encouraged.

    How were the on/off leash arrangements determined?

    Each park was assessed according to:

    • the level and type of recreational activity (particularly those involving families and children)
    • pedestrian and cyclist movements through the park
    • the presence of wildlife (such as along the riverbank) or horses
    • park size and proximity to roads with high traffic volumes (such as the squares).

    The leash arrangement proposed for each park is also based on the advice of Council officers including the Park Lands Ranger, Biodiversity Advisors and the Community Safety and Community Lifestyle teams.

    Why is the length of the leash limited to two metres?

    This length is set in legislation. The Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 (SA) considers a dog to be under effective control by means of physical restraint if the chain, cord or leash used to restrain the dog does not exceed two metres in length. A leash of no more than two metres is also specified in the City of Adelaide Dogs By-Law 2018 and the CoA Dog and Cat Management Plan 2019 – 2024.

    Do the proposed changes mean there will be fewer parks where my dog can be off-leash?

    The proposed leash arrangements aim to meet the needs of all park users by providing a good balance of on/off leash areas. More than half of the 760 hectares of Adelaide Park Lands will be available for off-leash use, either at all times or at nominated times during the morning and evening.

    Proposed Leash Arrangement

    Approximate Percentage 

    of the Park Lands

    Dog may be off-leash at all times


    Dog may be off-leash at certain times 


    Dog must be on-leash at all times


    No dogs at any time  (assistance dogs exempted)


    Will any leash requirements apply to the Dog Parks?

    No changes are proposed for either the North Adelaide or Pityarilla Dog Parks.

    What is the point of the ‘limited off leash’ category?

    This arrangement aims to meet the needs of a mix of park users, requiring dogs to be on-leash for most of the day but allowing them to be off-leash in the early mornings and evenings.

    Am I required to let my dog off the leash in an ‘off-leash’ park?

    No. You are free to walk your dog on a leash anywhere in the Park Lands apart from locations where dogs are not permitted such as the Botanic Gardens and the Adelaide Zoo (assistance dogs exempted).

    I generally only find coins with my metal detector which are usually covered by just a thin layer of soil or grass. Am I permitted to carefully dig these items out?

    No. The City of Adelaide’s Local Government Land By-Law 2018 states that unless you have permission you must not deposit, dig, damage, disturb, interfere with or remove any soil, stone, wood, clay, gravel, pebbles, timber or bark from any part of Local Government Land.

    If you wish to seek permission to remove items from below the ground surface you will need to contact the Customer Centre (E: customer@cityofadelaide.com.au T: 8203 7203) and provide details of the date and location in which you propose to search, what you expect to find and how you plan to extract these items.