What is the size of the proposed public toilet?

    The total building area, including the pergola, is approximately 30 square metres.

    How will the proposed public toilet be integrated into the look and feel of Tangkaira (Hurtle Square)?

    A pergola structure will frame the facility and provide some screening.

    As the climbing plants grown and mature they will enable the structure to blend in to the surrounding landscape.

    What are the operation hours of the proposed public toilet?

    Generally, automated style toilets are available 24/7, but can be programed to open and close at set times.

    Will the proposed toilet comply with accessiblity standards?

    The public toilet will meet the most current Australian standards for providing accessible public toilets.

    Who will maintain and ensure the cleanliness of the proposed toilet?

    Council’s public realm cleansing team maintain the city’s public toilets on a daily basis.

    If I have any concerns about the proposed public toilet who can I contact?

    Please contact: 
    • Julia Smethurst, Building Assets Officer
    • Phone: 8203 7799
    • Email Address: j.smethurst@adelaidecitycouncil.com