Why are we publicly consulting on this event?

    Before formal approval can be granted, Council has a legislative commitment under the Adelaide Park Lands Events Management Plan 2016 - 2020 to undertake 21 days of public consultation for this proposal as it would occupy a significant portion of a Park for more than four weeks (including bump in and out).

    The purpose of consultation is to find out whether there is support from the community for the event to proceed, and whether there are any other measures that could be put in place to facilitate a successful event with minimal impacts on the surrounding environment. 

    What is a Spiegeltent'?

    spiegeltent (Dutch for "mirror tent", from spiegel+tent) is a large travelling tent, constructed from wood and canvas and decorated with mirrors and stained glass, intended as an entertainment venue (Source: Wikipedia).

    In cooperation with Het Spiegelpaleis in Belgium, Magic Mike Live has created the world’s largest Spiegeltent, named The Arcadia. The Arcadia is a two storey, fully customised venue curated by Channing Tatum and the Magic Mike Live creative team especially for the people of Australia.

    Who can attend Magic Mike Live?

    Magic Mike Live patrons must be at least 18 years to attend.

    What is the proposed timeline for the event.

    If Council approves the event to proceed, the 'bump in' (the setting up of the event infrastructure) will occur from 4 April  - 15 April 2022. The show will then run from 16 April until 10 July 2022. 'Bump out' (the packing up period)  will aim to be complete by 12 July 2022.