What is the Moonta Street Upgrade?

    Moonta Street is located within the Chinatown entertainment precinct in the Adelaide Central Market District and runs between Grote and Gouger Streets.

    The Moonta Street Upgrade is a construction project that will create a high-quality pedestrian environment and improved experience for shoppers, diners, and visitors.

    The Upgrade includes the removal of old paving and replacement with new locally sourced granite paving. Two new trees (Celtis australis) will be established at the Gouger Street end of Moonta Street to provide greenery, cooling and shade. Stormwater management will be improved through the establishment of a new central stormwater grate. The works will complement the creative lighting upgrade that was completed in January 2020.

    The final design of the upgrade can be viewed at yoursay.cityofadelaide.com.au/moonta-st.

    Why upgrade Moonta Street?

    This important connecting laneway provides a significant pedestrian route and space for outdoor dining for more than 15,000 tourists and locals on a daily basis. The Upgrade is needed to replace the street’s ageing uneven paving and to create a high-quality pedestrian environment that is befitting of the street’s profile.

    Who is delivering the Upgrade?

    The Upgrade is a $4 million City of Adelaide project that is jointly funded by the Government of South Australia.

    BMD Constructions have been engaged to undertake the construction works. BMD have a strong track record and have delivered high quality projects in Adelaide, such as the Gawler Place Upgrade, Anzac Walk and Henley Square.

    When will construction start and how long will it take?

    Construction commenced 22 February 2021 following Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations and is planned to be complete by October 2021.

    The construction team will always look to see if there are ways the project can be built quicker. However, new information (eg. underground services) or circumstances (eg. weather) can also impact the speed in which the project is built.

    Will Moonta Street be open during construction?

    Yes. The construction will be managed to allow Moonta Street to continue to be a place where people shop, dine and spend time. This means that no businesses will need to close during the construction.

    The Upgrade will be constructed one side of Moonta Street at a time (eastern side then western side) followed by both ends of the street. There will be up to three work zones on a given side of the street at any one time. These will be spaced apart to keep as much of the street open as is possible and will move around as areas are completed.

    Pedestrian access will be always available the full length of the street and into all businesses, arcades, food courts and buildings during business hours.

    Given the busy nature of the street, construction works are likely to cause some disruption to businesses and people using the street. It is a priority of the project to manage construction staging efficiently and in a timely manner, while managing disruption.

    How will nearby traders, businesses and building owners be supported?

    We will work with Moonta Street traders, businesses, building owners and other stakeholders during construction to manage the impacts.

    We will provide project signage at either end of Moonta Street, and wayfinding signage (business name) on work zone fencing so the community understand that Moonta Street is “open for business”.

    Regular updates will also be provided to the Moonta Street traders, businesses, building owners and other stakeholders to keep them informed about the progress of construction and to give them advance notice of upcoming works. An additional 48 hours notice will be provided to shops and tenants prior to a work zone being established directly in front of their building.

    What happens when construction is out front of a shop or business?

    The construction works involve replacing the paving right up to the “shop fronts”. As such each business facing Moonta Street will need a work zone in front of it at some time. When this happens: 

    > Pedestrian access will be maintained into the shop or business via a wooden walkway during business hours. After hours this will be removed to allow work on the paving underneath

    > work zone fences will be predominantly 1m high to enable people to still see shop fronts 

    > business name signage will be placed on work zone fencing when needed 

    > outdoor dining will be impacted or not possible when works are carried out in front of businesses

    How will noise and dust be managed?

    General construction hours are Monday to Saturday, 6am to 7pm. No works will occur on Sundays due to nearby residents.

    To manage noise during busy trading periods, noisy works such as paver sawing, will not occur between 12pm and 2pm.

    Some earlier starts or nights works will be required to deliver the project in a way that allows shops to still operate during business hours.

    Dust cannot be eliminated completely, but the Upgrade Team will be careful to suppress dust during works, and the site will be maintained to a clean standard.

    How will waste and recycling collection be managed?

    Waste and recycling collections can continue as normal. Moonta Street traders and tenants should discuss any private waste collection services with their providers.

    What is happening to the Chinatown Gateways?

    The Chinatown Gateways (and lions) are not being changed or impacted as part of the Upgrade. New paving will be established around the gateways.