What are Event Noise Mitigation Standard Operating Procedures?

    Council’s Event Noise Mitigation Standard Operating Procedures set out the noise mitigation requirements and procedures that an event organiser is required to adhere to when delivering events in the public realm of the city.

    Why are the Event Noise Mitigation Standard Operating Procedures being reviewed?

    The Event Noise Mitigation SOPs require review as the characteristics and landscape of the city have changed quite substantially since 2008 (e.g. increased number of buildings and fixed businesses, and changes in features within the Adelaide Park Lands) when they were originally developed.  Further to this, in late 2018, Council resolved that“Administration prioritise a review of Event Noise Mitigation Standard Operating Procedures with a specific focus on minimising noise impacts on North Adelaide residents from events in the Riverbank precinct’.

    What has the review involved to date?

    The project has involved finding out from the public what they considered to be priorities for the review. Following this, a range of noise modelling, site specific testing and review of existing noise sensitive receiver locations was undertaken. Processes for the administration of noise bonds and noise monitoring were also reviewed. Following this, a workshop was facilitated with Council Members. We have now determined the final recommendations for the Event Noise Mitigation Standard Operating Procedures and invite final comments from stakeholders regarding these recommendations which will help inform the final recommendations that will go to Council for consideration in November 2019.

    How do I provide my feedback?

    Please complete the survey attached to this page.

    What is meant by 'front of house'?

    This is the location in front of stage from where audio is mixed/monitored from.

    What does 'dB' stand for?

    dB (or decibel) is a logarithmic unit used to measure sound level.

    What does dB(C) stand for?

    'C' weighting is usually used for Peak measurements and also in some entertainment noise measurement, where the transmission of bass noise can be a problem.

    What are noise sensitive receivers?

    Noise sensitive receivers are pre-determined locations where noise levels are measured outside of the CoA public realm venue.

    What is a 'noise bond'?

    An amount of money paid upfront by an event organiser as a security to encourage events to comply with the Event Noise Mitigation standard operating procedures.

    What is meant by event noise for the purpose of this consultation?

    Event noise for the purpose of this consultation is defined as amplified sound used as part of the event.

    What are the benefits of a review of the SOPs?

    It will identify and formalise a transparent, updated and supported process to mitigate unreasonable effects of events noise on surrounding stakeholders. It will aim to support event organisers to have the confidence to host events in the City and to be fully informed regarding noise levels, site specific considerations, and the requirements to ensure that they are managing noise effectively.

    What are noise sensitive receivers?

    Many events involve an element of amplified sound which will emit noise levels. There are many factors (some of which are outside of the control of CoA) which influence how much noise is amplified around the event site and the direction the noise travels.

    Noise sensitive receivers are predetermined locations throughout the City where noise levels can be measured during events. Refer to the Event Noise Mitigation Standard Operating Procedures to view the existing locations.

    I have previously provided feedback to the City of Adelaide on event noise. Do I need to still need to lodge my feedback again using this form?

    We encourage those who have previously lodged feedback with the City of Adelaide regarding event noise to also respond to this round of consultation. By doing so, we can formally capture your feedback as part of this project.

    What is the process when event organisers breach their requirements for managing noise?

    All event organisers operating events in the public realm of the city are required to adhere to Council’s Event Noise Mitigation Standard Operating Procedures. This document outlines the process for dealing with breaches and non-compliance.

    Both during and beyond the life of this project, any member of the public can lodge complaints/feedback regarding noise levels from events by contacting the City of Adelaide or the event itself (in the case where hotline numbers have been provided to the public by an event organiser).

    What is a major and medium sized event defined as?

    A major sized event is an event of 10,000 plus people and/or over 20,000 square metres. A medium sized event is an event of 1,501 to 9,999 people and/or over 1,000 and less than 20,000 square metres.

    What happens next?

    We will acknowledge your feedback either by email or in writing. Feedback received will help inform the final recommendations to Council in November 2019.

Consultation: September/October 2019.