Background of the DPA


In mid 2014, Council formally received approval from the Minister for Planning to commence a Development Plan Amendment (DPA) to review the Development Plan for the 11 sites outlined above. The DPA is to be known as, the “North Adelaide Large Institutions and Colleges DPA”.

The following guiding principles were established to guide the preparation of this DPA:
  • Fostering economic synergies
  • Maintaining residential amenity
  • North Adelaide’s acknowledged heritage value
  • Integration with transport planning, based on Smart Move: Movement and Transport Strategy 2012 – 2022

This project was initiated through a report to Council’s City Planning and Development Committee on 3 June 2014 which tabled a ‘Statement of Intent’ (the document that initiates a DPA process). The Statement of Intent can be viewed here.

In October and early November 2014, Council sort comments to provide input into the preparation of the Development Plan Amendment.

In January 2015, Council endorsed the DPA to be sent to the Minister for Planning for approval for public consultation.

On 24 June 2015, The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Martin Haese and Council administration gave an update to the North Adelaide Society.

You can view the presentation here.

In July 2015, Council received formal approval from the Minister for Planning to undertake statutory consultation.

On 23 July 2015, Council received approval from the Minister for Planning to commence public consultation. You can view the Minister for Planning's letter here. In approving the DPA, the Minister has raised a number of matters that Council will need to respond to following full public consultation on the DPA.

Consultation occurred in the later part of 2015 with submissions considered in the first half of 2016.

A Public Hearing was held on Wednesday 18 November 2015 at the Adelaide Town Hall, 128 King William Street, Adelaide.

You can view the Agenda for the Adelaide City Council Special meeting here.

You can download a copy of all 93 written submissions: Index of Submissions, Part 1 (1-33), Part 2 (34-63), Part 3 (64-80), Part 4 (81-83), Part 5 (84-86), Part 6 (87), Part 7 (88), Part 8 (89) and Gov Agency Submissions 1-4. Council administration are continuing to process all submissions.

Other key dates here.

The Minister for Planning approved the DPA for public consultation in letter dated 23 July 2015. In approving the DPA for consultation, the Minister has asked Council to consider the following:

• Removal of non-complying controls relating to building height and various land uses.

• Removal of policies that limit the expansion of Helping Hand, St Dominic's Priory, and Calvary Hospital sites.

• The ability for innovative and responsive design solutions with the level of detail in the draft Concept Plans and associated Principles of Development Control.

Over ninety submissions were received and during the first half of 2016, each was carefully considered by Council at a series of workshops and meetings.

On 30 June 2016, the Lord Mayor wrote to the Minister for Planning to seek the DPA to be split into two parts to allow consideration of a proposed new Heritage Places DPA. You can view the letter here. You can view the relevant Committee meeting agenda here.

On 31 August 2016, the Minister for Planning agreed to the Statement of Intent for a new Heritage Places (Institutions and Colleges) North Adelaide Development Plan Amendment. However, the Minister for Planning requested Council to submit the whole of the original North Adelaide Large Institutions and Colleges DPA for consideration. You can view the letter here.

On 19 September 2016 a Special Council meeting held in relation to the Development Plan Amendment. View the agenda here(External link)(External link) and minutes here.(External link)(External link)

On 27 September 2016, Council has formally written to the Minister for Planning. You can view the letter here.

Council has responded to the Minister for Planning's requested changes in respect to the DPA (view the Lord Mayor's response letter here and view the Minister for Planning's letter here). In respect to this response, to read the Council report:

> Strategic Planning and Development Planning Committee Agenda 28 February 2017.

> Adelaide City Council minutes 28 February 2017.

In respect to Councils overall position on the DPA, it can be summarised as follows:

The DPA allows the continuation of the health and education sectors within North Adelaide while ensuring new development is complementary to the dynamic and culturally rich heritage.

The DPA continues to allow the colleges and institutions sites to operate in the same way within their existing land holdings. This will enable the colleges and institutions to continue meet the contemporary demands of the sectors and provide services to the community, including the provision of aged care, student accommodation, education and hospital services.

The Archer West Policy Area has been introduced so the heritage listed buildings are retained while allowing the redevelopment of incompatible buildings. Over time, built form will be allowed up to six storeys on large consolidated sites and sited away from street frontages and existing low scale residential properties. This will provide for an increase in population with a limited amount of non-residential uses.

The DPA retains all existing heritage listed buildings and provides additional policy to ensure new development is located and designed to protect the fabric and setting of these historically important buildings.

The DPA seeks to protect the high level of amenity enjoyed by existing residents by providing a range of policies to ensure any new development on these sites:

• Provides new buildings designed to fit in with existing historic streetscapes

• Maintains low scale buildings on streets and near residential boundaries i.e. taller built-form is setback from streets and boundaries

• Site buildings to limit overshadowing

• Site buildings off residential boundaries

• Design high activity areas to minimise noise and disturbance

• Maintain visual privacy through balcony and window design

• Provide a high level of landscaped open space

In addition, Council will continue to work with the State Government for better public transport services in North Adelaide and work with the land owners to influence travel behaviour to reduce the reliance on private vehicle travel and reduce the need to use streets for car parking.

The DPA retains the requirement for public notification of development proposals to adjoining sites (other than minor applications).

Strong planning controls (i.e. “non-complying”) remain in place for land uses that are not considered appropriate in a residential context and for buildings that exceed the stated maximum number of building levels (i.e. will require a special application process, public notification and adjoining neighbour appeal rights).

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Consultation has concluded

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