Are visitor permits available? How long would they allow my visitors to stay for?

    All residents within the proposed 2 hour and 3 hour parking zones would be eligible for visitor permits. They are currently available at a cost of $36 for a book of 25. The permits allow for visitors to stay for up to 4 hours in a 2 hour zone, or 5 hours in a 3 hour zone, but cannot be used in Residential Permit Zones.

    Who can I contact for more information?

    Please contact,

    Name: Trudy Angrave or David Murray
    Title: Senior Consultant Traffic  Management
    Phone: 8203 7032
    Email Address:

    Is there an alternative way to provide my feedback?

    Electronic Submissions
    You can email your comments and submission to

    Consultations Packs which contains the hard-copy Feedback Form and background information are available to be picked up from any of our Customer, Libraries and Community Centres.

    Feedback forms can also be mailed out on request by telephoning our Customer Service Centre on 8203 7203. All written submissions must be recieved by 5pm, Friday 9 August 2013 and can be mailed to

    Information Sessions
    Attend the following information sessions to provide more information about the Adelaide Oval Event Parking and to discuss your specific concerns

    North Adelaide Community Centre and Library
    176 Tynte Street, North Adelaide
    Monday 22 July 2013,2pm to 4pm
    Wednesday 24 July 2013,5pm to 7pm

    Why do we need an On-street Event Parking Plan?

    It is anticipated that a high number of spectators will want to travel to Adelaide Oval by car.

    Spectators will naturally seek to park as close to Adelaide Oval as possible (within a 20 minute walk of the Oval).  This means existing public parking within the Adelaide CBD, Park Lands and North Adelaide will be potential parking locations.

    At present the majority of existing on-street parking in North Adelaide is free and generally unrestricted at the following times:

     - Mondays to Fridays after 6pm
     - Saturdays after 12 noon
     - Sundays all day

    The times when parking is free and unrestricted are also the times most heavily attended events at Adelaide Oval are likely to occur. 

    On-street parking in North Adelaide is likely to be an attractive solution for spectators, particularly given parking in the CBD is generally in parking stations and subject to a cost.

    Therefore proposed parking management strategies for on-street parking in North Adelaide and the Park Lands are required to minimise impact for event goers, nearby residents and businesses.

    Click here to view the proposed Strategies to Manage Event Parking and to view the map of Recommended On-street Event Parking Solution.

    What happens to my feedback?

    Council will consider all comments received and review the strategies taking your feedback into account. The revised strategies will then be considered further by Council and, following endorsement, the new measures will be introduced between October 2013 and February 2014.

    How do I know my feedback has been received?

    All feedback forms, submissions or correspondence will be acknowledged either by email or in writing. A copy of the final report and consultation outcomes will be made available on our web site.