Consultation October 2019

    How can I provide feedback?

    A 28-day consultation period to submit feedback in relation to the current parking controls within your street will commence on Monday 14 October until Monday 11 November 2019.

    What parking controls will be changing?

     We will begin to reinstate the unrestricted and 10P parking areas surrounding the Park Lands (approximately 340 parking spaces as shown on this map) as a priority, starting from 27 September 2019. This will take approximately 2 weeks.

    Will parking change on my street?

    Following the consultation period, we will give due consideration to all feedback submitted during the 28 days.

    Should feedback request parking changes within a specific street, it will be individually assessed to ensure a practical balance between time-limited and unrestricted parking, and to address the overarching parking requirements of the community. Localised consultation may be undertaken to confirm community support should conflicting views to on-street parking be received.

    How do I provide feedback to retain or change the parking controls in my street?


    Feedback can be submitted via our Your Say Adelaide website. 

    The Your Say Adelaide site also provides further details regarding the North Adelaide parking, and how you can register to provide feedback and how to subscribe to receive updates about this project via email.




    How has the decision to end the Trial Parking Permits been made?

     As a result of feedback from the community, a Motion on Notice was submitted to Council, to revoke the Trial. This was approved, with the following actions:

    • Reinstate the bays which were unrestricted and 10P parking prior to 1 July 2019 adjacent the Park Lands as a priority (approximately 340 parking spaces as shown on this map);
    • Advise stakeholders to this effect and provide them with a 28-day period to submit feedback in relation to the current parking controls within their street;
    • Continues to support the relaxed Residential Parking Permit Criteria as detailed in The Committee Meeting held on 5 March 2019
    • Honours the 12-month Trial Parking Permits already issued to residents, however cease issuing any further Trial Parking Permits.

     You can read the full motion here.


    What is a ‘Motion on Notice’?

    A Motion on Notice is a request made by a Councillor for an issue to be discussed at a Council Meeting and for a decision to be made.

    Can I still use my Trial Permit?

    The 12-month Trial Parking Permits which have already been issued will continue to be valid until 30 June, 2020; however, they will not be renewed after this date and no further Trial Parking Permits will be issued.

    Why are parking controls changing in North Adelaide?

    The development of a North Adelaide Local Area Traffic and Parking Management Plan was approved by Council in 2016. In response, a full review of the residential parking permit system was undertaken, aimed at increasing the availability of street parking for all residents and businesses.

    The two most recurring and prevalent concerns raised during consultation were the volume of CBD commuters occupying unrestricted parking areas in North Adelaide and resident parking permit availability. We aim to address these concerns by implementing changes to parking controls and permits.

    On 5 March 2019, Council endorsed the installation of time limit parking controls across North Adelaide and a trial of relaxing current Residential Parking Permit Scheme criteria, in addition to a residential parking permit trial.

    What is the difference between the Residential Parking Permit Scheme and a Trial Residential Parking Permit?

    The existing residential parking permit system is referred to in this project as the Residential Parking Permit Scheme. The scheme has five permit categories and is available to eligible City and North Adelaide residents.

    Residential Parking Scheme Permit holders are permitted to park in timed and ticketed zones of more than one hour within a designated area and are permitted to park in Residential Permit Zones.

    The Residential Parking Permit decal is blue in colour.

    For further information, visit the Residential Parking web page

    An additional permit will be available to eligible North Adelaide residents from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 and is referred to in this project as the Trial Residential Parking Permit.

    Trial Residential Parking Permit holders are permitted to park in timed and ticketed zones of more than one hour within a designated area of North Adelaide and are not permitted to park in Residential Permit Zones.

    The Trial Residential Parking Permit decal is maroon in colour.

    For further information, visit the North Adelaide parking web page

    Where does a Trial Residential Parking Permit allow me to park?

    The Trial Residential Parking Permit will allow residents to park in:

    • Timed zones of 1 hour or more within North Adelaide
    • Ticketed zones of 1 hour or more within North Adelaide

    Please be aware that vehicles with a trial permit will not be permitted to park in signed Residential Permit Zones.

    The vehicle must be moved every 24 hours.

    Click here to view example of signage showing where Trial Residential Parking Permit holders are PERMITTED to park.

    How has the decision for parking control changes been made?

    The key objective of the North Adelaide Parking Review is to provide a greater balance of on-street parking availability for the local community. To achieve this, approximately half of unrestricted parking spaces are being converted into timed parking and will be altered to create consistent controls and times limits to avoid confusion.

    Due to the complexities and varying demands for parking, each street has been individually assessed to ensure each parking alteration accommodates the overarching needs within of the community. The locations attracting a higher rate of conversion to time limit parking include:

    • Areas with a high proportion of business activity
    • Areas adjacent community facilities, eg dog park, Adelaide Aquatic Centre, playspaces
    • Areas adjacent public transport networks, eg City Free Connector Bus
    • Areas adjacent Adelaide Park Lands

    On-street parking is a shared community asset for which demand regularly exceeds supply. While we cannot accommodate everyone’s individual needs, the parking restrictions are managed to ensure a wide range of competing users have fair and reasonable access. To achieve this, parking is often time limited to support vehicle turnover and the equitable sharing of available on-street parking spaces.

    Which parking controls are changing?

    The installation of time limit parking controls in currently unpaid ten-hour parking (10P) bays and in approximately half of the unrestricted parking areas will be rolled out from July 2019. Ten-hour ticket parking bays such as those along Frome Road and War Memorial Drive will not be affected by these changes.

    Each street will be individually assessed to ensure the parking alterations provide the best balance between time limit and unrestricted parking and address the overarching needs of the community.

    What is a Residential Permit Zone?

    Residential Permit Zones have a red sign with the words “Permit Zone”. The Residential Permit Zone may apply at all times or at other times to parking controls stated on the sign.

    Click here to view examples of signage showing where Trial Residential Parking Permit holders are NOT PERMITTED to park when Permit Zone in operation.

    How do I stay informed about the parking control changes?

    The most current information will be available on these web pages so please check back here regularly for updates.

    You can also sign up to receive project updates directly to your inbox by subscribing via the link on the project home page.

    Why can’t I park in a Residential Permit Zone if I have a Trial Permit?

    The Trial Residential Parking Permit has been introduced to assist residents impacted by changes to ten-hour (10P) and unrestricted parking. The existing Residential Parking Permit Scheme and the use of associated Residents Parking Permit zones remain unchanged.

    As such, Trial Permits will not be valid within Residential Permit zones to protect the integrity of the existing scheme, however they will be valid in all 1P or more zones.

    Am I eligible to apply for a Trial Residential Parking Permit?

    If you are a resident of North Adelaide and have up to one off-street parking space, you may be eligible to apply for a trial permit.

    Please refer to the eligibility and conditions prior to applying.


    Why is there a sign/pole in front of my house?

    The placement and number of parking signs required is largely dictated by legislation and the length of the parking area. Where possible Council have attempted to make use of existing infrastructure to minimise the installation of poles, but this is not always possible.

    Can I apply for a Trial Permit if I already have a Residential Parking Scheme Permit?

    The Trial Residential Parking Permit is in addition to any existing residential parking permit that the property already has access to.

    The trial permit will run concurrently with the existing Residential Parking Permit Scheme from 1 July 2019 to 30 July 2020.

    Where can off-street parking be found in North Adelaide?

    On-street parking is not intended for all day parking. If long term parking is required, it is recommended to seek off-street parking options or alternative transport methods.

    Off-Street Parking in North Adelaide can be found at:

    Further off-street parking in Adelaide can be found here.

    Public car parks can be accessed by a short walk or using the free Connector Bus or Tram.

    What alternative transport options are available?

    Free public transport options

    For free public transport services within the Adelaide City and North Adelaide use the City Connector bus or tram.

    Free City Connector Bus

    Whether you park your vehicle off-street in North Adelaide or the City, you can hop on the free City Connector bus to reach your destination.

    • Bus route 98 takes in Adelaide City and North Adelaide (98A travels anti-clockwise and 98C travels clockwise)

    • Bus route 99 takes in Adelaide City only (99A travels anti-clockwise and 99C travels clockwise)

    The service runs from early morning until 7.15pm daily, with extra services running until 9.15pm on Friday.

    Further information and timetables can be found via Adelaide Metro.

    Free City Tram

    The Free City Tram services run within the City to South Terrace, the Entertainment Centre, Botanic Gardens and Festival Plaza. The Free City Tram will also take you to the Royal Adelaide Hospital at City West.

    Further information and timetables can be found via Adelaide Metro.

    Other transport options

    Adelaide Free Bikes

    Adelaide Carpool

    Carpooling is available for shift workers, or you can create and register your own club, organisation or place of work.

    Carpooling has a number of individual and community benefits:

    • Save money by splitting the costs of your journey

    • Reduce the wear and tear on your car, and your carbon footprint

    • You can be a passenger instead of being the driver

    • Reduce the amount of traffic on the road

    • Reduce parking pressures at your destination point

    For further information and to register please visit Adelaide Carpool.

    Which type of vehicle may be eligible for a Trial Residential Parking Permit?

    To be eligible for a Trial Residential Parking Permit a vehicle may be a passenger vehicle, or a vehicle designed with the main purpose of carrying passengers (including vehicles commonly known as sedans, station wagons and 4WD vehicles).

    Council recognises some residents operate a business from home and therefore will consider permits for dual purpose commercial vehicles (utes and vans).

    No mini-bus, bus, caravan, campervan truck or heavy vehicle will be issued with a Trial Permit.

    Is there a cost for a Trial Residential Parking Permit?

    A permit fee of $100.00 plus an application fee of $32.00 applies for a Trial Residential Parking Permit. Successful applicants will be provided with an invoice for payment once their application has been processed.

    No discounts are available on this fee.

    How have the changes been communicated?

    The most up-to-date information on this project can be found via the City of Adelaide website and Your Say Adelaide, including an interactive map of parking control changes. Updates will also be sent out via email to project subscribers through Your Say.

    A letter providing information on the changes and advising how to stay informed has been sent to North Adelaide residents and property owners, and signage will be installed in and around North Adelaide from mid-June.

    What documents do I need to provide to apply for a Trial Residential Parking Permit?

    In support of your application, you will need to supply:

    • If you are not the property owner, your tenancy/lease agreement
    • A copy of the current vehicle registration certificate

    If the vehicle is not registered in your name (such as a company vehicle), you will also need to supply a letter from the registered owner which states that you have full use of the vehicle and it is required to be garaged at your home address.

    Where can I get a copy of my vehicle registration certificate from?

    Vehicle registration certificates can be obtained via your SA.GOV.AU EzyReg account.

    For a step-by-step guide to downloading a registration certificate from EzyReg click here.

    For other options visit

    How do I apply for a Trial Residential Parking Permit?

     Apply for a trial permit online here

    Please refer to the eligibility and conditions prior to applying.

    Only online applications will currently be accepted for Trial Residential Parking Permits.

    When will my Trial Residential Parking Permit expire?

    All Trial Residential Parking Permits will expire on 30 June 2020 regardless of their starting date.

    Are any parking permits available for North Adelaide businesses?

    Planning for the introduction of a scheme to allow business ratepayers access to on-street permits in designated areas currently utilised by commuter parking, will be developed by the end of 2019.

Map of Parking Changes

    How to use the map

    Map Navigation tools appear at the bottom left of the Map Window. Each navigation button has a tooltip, place the curser over each button to see the tooltip.

    Navigating to a specific location

    To find an address or place, use the search field and press enter or use the search button.

    Explore the map

    To zoom the map in or out use either the + / - buttons or the mouse wheel. To navigate around the map, click and drag using the mouse.

    To reset the map

    Click the home button the restore the map to the original zoom extent.

    Map Legend

    Click the 'Legend' button to launch and collapse the North Adelaide Parking Zone Legend which details the unique colour assigned to each zone type.

    Changing the Map Type

    Click on the 'Basemap Gallery' button to switch between satellite and map views.

    Exploring Specific Zones

    Using the curser, an individual zone can be selected, with a pop-up window detailing the parking restrictions applicable to that zone. While most zones have a single restriction (ie 3 hr Parking Monday to Friday 8 am - 6 pm), some may have secondary restrictions (ie Residential At All Other Times).

    Glossary of terms


    Time-limited parking spaces that have signs nearby indicating how long you can park in the space for.

    Area Parking

    Where time limited parking restrictions apply by signage placed at the entries and exits of a street rather than by signposting individual lengths of the street.


    Designated permit parking spaces for Residential Permit Holders (Category 1 and 2 only – Blue Permits). 


    Unsigned parking spaces with no timed parking restriction.



    Designated permit parking spaces for use by Disability Permit Holders only. 


    Parking permitted by purchase of a ticket from a ticket machine.


    A Bus Zone – for use by public buses only.


    A zone designated to vehicles dropping off or picking up goods or passengers.


    Allocated parking spaces for motorcycles/scooters only.


    A space for vehicles correctly displaying a valid permit issued or recognised by the Council for that zone.

    No Parking

    Vehicles cannot park here, apart from exempted business vehicles (taxis, couriers, delivery and service vehicles) where a maximum of 30 minutes is allowed.


    A zone for use by licenced taxis.

    Mail Van

    A zone for Australia Post vehicles.

General Information

    How to I provide my feedback?

    We value your feedback and encourage you to provide your thoughts on the 12 month Trial Residential Parking Permit scheme and parking control changes. To do so please complete the Feedback Form.

    Feedback will be taken throughout the 12 month period right up to 5.00pm on 1 July 2020. We will be evaluating comments and reviewing feedback on a quarterly basis.