Why does the Dog Park need to close?

    Disruptions to access of the dog park are inevitable to allow the work to be completed as safely as possible and limiting risks to park users.  It also allows the work to be carried out on time reducing the disruptions for users.

    At what time will the lights be switched on and off?

    The lights will be switched on at dusk and turned off at 10pm. If consultation determines lights are required beyond 10pm we will amend  timing to suit.

    How will the lights work?

    The lights will automatically turn off at 10pm; however, a push button control will allow the lights to operate for an extended time of 30 minutes. The button may be pressed locally to extend past 10pm.

    Will the two parks switch back to their original format?

    The All Dog Park was originally switched with the Small Dog Park in October 2013. The switch was conducted to:

     - Reduce the wear and tear of the All Dog Park
     - Give the grass an opportunity to grow in the All Dog Park
     - Cause minimal disruption to the daily usage of the Park.

    Whilst the grass has recovered, Council has made a decision to continue with the current set up as it is working well.  Council will review this on annual basis and a switch may occur in the future if required.

    Will the pathway leading to the toilet be lit?

    Yes: An Exeloo toilet has been installed with its own light pole.  A previous phase of this project resulted in the lighting of the Lefevre Road pathway from the Dog Park to the toilet.

    Why are you only installing lighting in the Small Dog Park?

    This is the next phase of the project for Council’s establishment of the Dog Parks. In 2016 the Council installed lighting in the All Dog Park and for the connecting pathway to Lefevre Road to be lit. This phase of the project includes lighting the Small Dog Park and the remaining connecting pathways on Medindie Road and Robe Terrace.