Draft Lease Agreement

    What are the proposed permitted times of use of leased facilities in Park 9?

    The draft lease agreement states that the leased areas, including the building and oval, can be used during the following times:

    Monday to FridaySaturdaySunday
    October to March7.00 am to 8.30 pm8.30 am to 8.00 pm 8.30 am to 7.00 pm
    April to September7.00 am to 8.30 pm8.00 am to 6.30 pm9.00 am to 3.00 pm


    How will the leased facilities be used?

    The draft lease agreement stipulates the permitted uses that can formally occur in Park 9. 

    Permitted use is defined in the draft lease agreement as ‘changerooms and associated spectator facilities supporting school PE lessons, community use and the playing of cricket, football and other sports (including training and games) and limited scale food and beverage facilities for use in connection with sports activities (with functions or events limited to sports related functions or events during and for a period not exceeding two hours immediately following a sporting event and concluding no later than the times stated in Item 7 (of the lease))’.

    The leased facilities will be primarily used for school sports (year-round), community cricket (summer) and community Australian Rules Football (winter). 

    Upgraded changeroom facilities will ensure the facility is fit for purpose for local community sport and enable future opportunities for accommodating women’s sport and female officials.

    Will I be able to hire the social/community space inside the new building?

    All use of the building will be managed by the lessee (PAC). The draft lease agreement requires the lessee to seek the consent of the City of Adelaide before it sublets or hires out the facility. Furthermore, the leased area can only be hired between the hours of 8.00 am and 6.00 pm and any activity must be consistent with the permitted use defined in the lease agreement.

    Can the lessee use or allow others to use the new building for functions?

    The lessee (PAC) must use the leased area only for the permitted use and cannot use or allow the building to be used for any other use including functions or events.

    Can the lessee use or allow others to use the building for live entertainment or playing amplified music?

    No. The draft lease agreement states that the lessee (PAC) cannot have live entertainment, DJ’s or amplified music or speech out of or from the leased area.  

    Will there be any car parks or authorised parking on the Park Lands?

    The draft Community Land Management Plan does not support car parking on Park 9. The draft lease agreement states that the ‘lessee must not or allow any other person to drive, ride or park any vehicle on or over any part of the Park Lands without the consent of Council’. 

    The lessee (PAC) will drive onto the park periodically for facility maintenance purposes and we will drive onto the park to service park facilities including the cleaning of BBQs and public toilets, and to empty rubbish bins. 

    To minimise any inconvenience to residents, we have requested that the lessee provide all residents living on MacKinnon Parade between Mann Terrace and Jerningham Street with:

    • an annual calendar of football matches scheduled in Bundey’s Paddock/Tidlangga (Park 9) 14 days prior to the scheduling of the first match of the season; and
    • notification of an event or activity that is likely to attract greater than 250 people (including participants) in Bundey’s Paddock/Tidlangga (Park 9) 14 days prior to the event or activity.

    Will the lessee be able to sell or provide alcohol to people in Park 9?

    The draft lease agreement requires the lessee (PAC) to obtain our consent prior to the lessee serving, selling, providing, consuming or allowing persons to consume alcohol within the leased area. 

    The primary user of the leased facilities in Park 9, being Prince Alfred Old Collegians Association, currently holds a liquor licence for Saturdays between the hours of 12 noon and 6.00 pm. We believe the existing liquor licence arrangements are appropriate and do not need to be altered. 

New Community Sports Building

    Why is a new building needed in Park 9?

    The existing buildings in Park 9 are not fit for purpose in relation to community sport and do not contain public toilets that are suitable for people with a disability. 

    The proposed new building will replace two existing buildings of low amenity and visual quality. The new building will contain:

    • changerooms and amenities for players and officials that are consistent with community sports facility guidelines
    • adequate storage spaces
    • a modest social/community space and servery area
    • an outdoor sheltered space located between the recreation facilities and the sports oval 

    The proposed new building will also include public toilets that are designed to provide access for all, with a new pathway from the toilets connecting to existing paths in the park. 

    Why has the building size increased, and location changed from what was approved in 2017?

    In 2017, we gave approval for the lessee to develop a concept plan for a building with a footprint of 375 sqm and for the building footprint to commence at the site of the current clubrooms.

    The proposed building footprint is 410 sqm, which is defined by the Adelaide Park Lands Building Design Guidelines as the area of the building measured to the outside wall line (and not including hardstand areas). 

    We are supportive of facilities that are fit for purpose for community sport. This means ensuring we have facilities in the Park Lands that reflect community sports guidelines and enable everyone to participate. 

    Both the Adelaide Park Lands Authority and Council viewed this proposed increase in building footprint as acceptable. 

    The revised location of the proposed building was also supported on the basis that it would be optimally located to service the sports oval and enable spectators sheltered viewing. The proposed location of the public toilets would be central to the oval and the recreation activity space. 

    Who is funding the construction of the new building and landscape elements?

    The entire project, including building demolition works, remediation, construction of the new building and landscape features will be funded by the lessee (PAC). We estimate that these works will cost in excess of $2.3M. We are not contributing financially to this project. 



    Who will manage and maintain the building?

    The lessee (PAC) will be responsible for all costs associated with maintaining the new building, excluding the three public toilets. The lessee will manage the use of the building including subletting and hiring requests.

    Who will manage and maintain the public toilets? Will I be able to use them?

    We will be responsible for opening, closing and cleaning the new public toilets. The lessee (PAC) will fund the construction. The toilets will be available for public use.

    Do the proposed building works require Development Approval?

    Yes. Subject to the consent of Council, the lessee (PAC) will need to request Development Approval for the demolition of the existing buildings and construction of the new building, along with associated landscape treatments. Consultation will not be required as part of the development approval process.

    Have any noise impacts been considered?

    Yes. The City of Adelaide commissioned an acoustic assessment on the use of the building in the existing and proposed locations. This modelling assumed regular use of the building by 44 persons (representing two Australian Rules Football teams). 

    The assessment was based on residences between 1 and 57 MacKinnon Parade, with readings in the range of 41dB to 43dB, depending on the building location (ie existing location and proposed location). The acceptable noise criteria for residences between 7.00 am and 10.00 pm is 47dB. 

    There was no acoustic assessment of noise generated from use of the sports oval as this use and the location of it is not proposed to change. 

Draft Community Land Management Plan (CLMP)

    What is a CLMP?

    CLMPs are a requirement of the Local Government Act 1999, addressing how community land is used. CLMPs must be consistent with the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy (APLMS), an aspirational document for the Park Lands as a whole.  

    Significant changes or amendments to a CLMP require public consultation under State legislation.

    Why does the CLMP for Park 9 need to be changed?

    It is a requirement of the Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005 that all CLMPs be reviewed at least once every five years. The CLMP for Park 9 has been amended, taking into account the physical changes which have occurred in the park since the Management Plan was last reviewed.

    What are the main differences between the existing Community Land Management Plan and this amended version?

    The main differences between the current CLMP and the amended CLMP are detailed below:

    Current CLMP for Park 9 (2013)Amended Draft CLMP for Park 9 (2021)

    Includes Bulrush Park/Warnpangga (Park 10) and Mistletoe Park/Tainmuntilla (Park 11)This CLMP addresses Park 9 only. The Management Plans for Parks 10 and 11 will be updated in a future stage of the CLMP review by Council

    Format consistent with previous CLMP chaptersNew format and layout aimed at making the document easier to use and navigate, consistent with other sections of the CLMP which have already been reviewed
    Kaurna significance and naming recognisedUpdated Kaurna statement and additional Kaurna context
    In addition to the sporting licensed area, the CLMP recognises a tennis court, 3 on 3 basketball court and petanque piste in Park 9This CLMP reflects the physical changes that have occurred to Park 9, namely the growth of the activity hub with improved informal recreation opportunities and landscape features (consistent with the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy)
    General statement about the rationalisation of buildings and upgrade of regional sporting areasRecognises the need to replace the existing buildings with a new fit for purpose clubroom facility (consistent with the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy)
    General statement about managing car parking availability on MacKinnon Parade to ensure availability for users of park facilitiesProposes that no parking will be provided on Park 9 and that parking is to be managed on surrounding streets to ensure availability for park users
    The current CLMP is silent on dog management. 
    However current signage advises that dog must be kept on-leash at all times
    Dogs must be on-leash:
    - 10am-6pm (non-daylight savings)
    - 10am-8pm (daylight savings)
    - At all times within the playground or within 5m of any play equipment
    - At all times when organised sport is being played
    Outside of these times dogs may be exercised off-leash provided the dog is under effective control