Will trees be planted as part of the upgrade?

    Trees (Zelkova serrata) will be planted along the eastern footpath to cool the street and improve amenity.

    Will there be changes to on-street parking?

    Two accessible parking spaces will be located near Uniting Communities on the eastern footpath. A loading zone will be located near the Metropolitan Hotel. All other on-street parking will be removed to allow space for a wider footpath whilst still maintaining two way traffic. On street parking on Franklin and Grote Streets will not be affected.


    Does the upgrade involve footpath widening and improvements?

    The upgrade includes widening of the eastern footpath. A wider asphalt footpath will be constructed to improve pedestrian experience and accessibility. The wider eastern footpath will also provide space for outdoor dining.

    Will there be changes to the roadway?

    The roadway at the southern end of the street will be raised to footpath level. This will remove curbs and provide a level surface from building edge on one side of the street to that on the other. This will create a “mall” atmosphere, increase space for outdoor dining and provide opportunity for street closure events. Outdoor dining will provide visual distinction on the eastern side.

    The road will remain two-way traffic flow. Traffic lanes will be narrowed to provide space for a wider eastern footpath.