1. What is a 'Shared Use Zone?

    The principle objective of a ‘Shared Use Zone’ is to provide an area where pedestrians have equal rights with motorists. Motorists can use the ‘Shared Use Zone’, but at a greatly reduced maximum speed of 10 km/h. Planter boxes will be strategically located to create a chicane effect to assist in slowing the speed of motor vehicles in the streets.

    2. Why does parking need to be removed?

    Parking is proposed to be removed in Chesser Street and Coromandel Place between French Street and Pirie Street, to reduce the risk of motorists needing to mount the footpath to pass parked vehicles in the narrow streets, putting the safety of pedestrians at risk. Removal of these sections of parking will also improve emergency service vehicle access and reduce the risk of property damage. Parking (loading) would be retained in Chesser Street and Coromandel Place between French Street and Grenfell Street and in French Street.

    3. When would the works be undertaken?

    Subject to consultation, Council approval and funding, the works would be expected to be undertaken in late 2020. Notification would be undertaken prior to the works. 

    4. What will the road murals be?

    The road murals are still to be determined, however they will need to meet certain requirements set by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure including slip and skid resistance, colours and siting.