1. What is the purpose of the Public Art Action Plan 2019-2022?

    Council has created formal management plans for public art for the past 20 years. These plans identify the projects and programs that Council along with artists, arts organisations and the city community will deliver to achieve cultural vitality that is enriched and enhanced by ambitious, bold and engaging public art across the city.

    2. Where can I find the Public Art Discussion Paper?

    The Public Art Discussion Paper which was released in February 2019 can be downloaded by clicking here.

    3. Where can I find the draft Public Art Action Plan 2019-2022?

    The draft Public Art Action Plan can be downloaded from Your Say Adelaide by clicking here.

    Hard copies can be viewed at the City of Adelaide Customer Centre, the City Libraries and Community Centres.

    4. What are the key points in the draft Public Art Action Plan 2019-2022?

    The draft Public Art Action Plan:

    • is guided by the Statements of Intent which can be read in the Public Art Discussion Paper

    • is guided by Council strategic documents including the Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan 2018-2021 which delivers actions specifically to enhance the visibility of First Nations artists and artworks

    • has been developed in close consultation with the arts sector and community

    • is aligned to Council’s Cultural Strategy 2017-2023 and will help to deliver cultural vitality

    • has four goals with a number of actions under each goal.

    5. What are the goals of the draft Public Art Action Plan 2019-2022?

    The draft Action Plan has four main goals, with several proposed measurable actions to achieve each goal:

    • Goal 1: Adelaide is a must-visit destination, renowned for its playful, thought-provoking, unexpected and world class art experiences

    • Goal 2: Adelaide’s public art celebrates its rich and vibrant Aboriginal and culturally diverse identities

    • Goal 3: Adelaide is a world-leading City of Art that tells the story of the past and connects the future, reflecting the growth and evolution of the city; and

    • Goal 4: Adelaide builds capacity, works collaboratively, forms partnerships and advocates for art that invigorates the built environment and urban landscape and fosters community wellbeing.

    6. Who will deliver the Public Art Action Plan?

    The draft Plan aims to enable opportunities for Public Art in places and spaces across the city including the unexpected, temporary and experimental. There will also be a mix of major projects and smaller partnership projects, aiming to engage with artists at all career levels.

    Some actions will be delivered and led by Council while some actions will need to be delivered in partnership with the arts sector and the broader community.

    7. Is the future planning for Memorials included in the consultation?

    We are developing the Memorials Guidelines and Public Art Guidelines at the same time as the Public Art Action Plan. Guidelines set out the ways of working for Council staff and any protocols or processes for working with the community. Any feedback related to public memorials will be considered for possible inclusion in the Memorials Guidelines, as planning for memorials is separate to public art planning.