FAQs - Rundle Mall Retailer Stakeholders

    Who is Green Industries South Australia (GISA)?

    Green Industries South Australia (GISA) is a South Australian government agency with the purpose to ‘Keep South Australia at the forefront of green innovation in the waste, recycling, and resource recovery sectors, and deliver reduced waste to landfill’.

    GISA, through Council Modernisation Grants, is co-funding and collaborating with CoA to pilot the new waste and recycling bin infrastructure in Rundle Mall, which will look to inform how waste and recycling might be improved in other public spaces. This is an action identified in Valuing our Food Waste, South Australia’s strategy to reduce and divert household and business food waste.

    Our collaboration with GISA will provide an opportunity to align to the ‘Which Bin’ educational messaging and branding to enhance information provided to the users of the bin system and support correct use of the bins.

    Could the new system compromise litter control? Or increase odour?

    No – maintaining the high presentation and amenity standard of Rundle Mall is non-negotiable.   Behavioural observations are being undertaken in the space to ensure that we understand public interaction with existing infrastructure. This information, waste auditing and information from the waste and cleansing teams that look after Rundle Mall will help inform the design.

    The whole system of waste and resources in the space (for example, the positioning of bins and frequency of movement), not just the bins, are being considered as part of the design. Risk identification and mitigation strategies will be confirmed before the new infrastructure is installed in the space.

    The project team is acutely aware that some members of the community will never interact with the system beyond throwing waste away in any bin that is handy. The design process will ensure that the red waste bin remains highly accessible while providing other choices for those who are engaged with yellow recycling and green organics. We will continue to work closely with the CoA Rundle Mall cleansing team with contingency response planning when the system first goes live.

    Which public space bins will be affected? What about waste and recycling systems in connecting lanes?

    The focus of the pilot is public space bins within the main Rundle Mall section that stretches from Pulteney street to King William Road, highlighted in green on the map below.  The broader precinct context including how waste and recycling is managed for pop-ups, larger activations and permanent connected laneways will be considered as part of the design and cohesiveness of the overall system, but the pilot will not extend to these zones.

    Will the project add cost to stakeholders and businesses?

    No. The new public place bin infrastructure and system is fully funded by CoA and GISA.

    What can stakeholders and business owners do with their organics?

    We encourage stakeholders and business owners to look at ways food scraps might be diverted away from their business red landfill bins. Green organics is exempt from the EPA landfill levy which currently accounts for $146 tonne of material disposed.  A CoA Resource Recovery Advisor can visit you at your location to evaluate your business waste and recycling systems and suggest options available to you. Please refer to the contact details by clicking here. Organics collections can sometimes be organised through your existing waste provider, but also directly through a composter.

    How do I provide my feedback?

    If you are a stakeholder and/or business owner of Rundle Mall, you can complete the online feedback form by clicking here. Stakeholders are all those who do business or own property in this location.

    Drop-in Session: where there is sufficient stakeholder interest, CoA and project partners will hold a drop-in session where stakeholders can learn more and/or ask questions about the project in a more informal setting.  If you would like to nominate interest in attending a drop-in session, please complete the relevant section in the online Feedback Form.  If a drop-in session will not be facilitated, the project team will alert those who registered interest in the online Feedback Form, directly through their nominated preference.

    What happens next?

    We will acknowledge your question(s) or feedback either by email or by phone (depending on your nominated preference in the online Feedback Form)

    • Any feedback will be shared with the project management team that will inform the outcomes of the project. A Rundle Mall Program team member from AEDA is also part of this project management team.
    • From time to time, we will, as part of ongoing project updates, inform how feedback from stakeholders and businesses has contributed to project progress.