Project Update - September 2015

Council sought your feedback on a proposed change to the dog off-leash area and the use of model aircraft in Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi in August 2014.

As a result of the feedback provided, some minor changes to the Community Land Management Plan (CLMP) for Victoria Park/Pakpakanthi were endorsed by Council in September 2014. Minor changes included:

  • A minor adjustments to the current dog off-leash area.
  • Defining an area for electric model aircraft use.
Council also approved the following limitations for the use of Model Aircraft:
  • There is to be no use prior to 10.00am and after 7.00 pm on weekends and Public Holidays.
  • Requests a further report be presented after 6 months which includes details of noise levels produced when model aeroplane activity is occurring and appropriateness of designated area.
Given the Council requirement to undertake a 6 month trial on model aircraft flying times, the Community Land Management Plan (CLMP) for Victoria Park was not amended, in order to allow for the outcome of the trial. After receiving further feedback from the community and undertaking an assessment of model aircraft noise levels additional amendments to the CLMP were endorsed by Council on 30 June 2015.

A common sense approach has been taken to the proposed amendments that acknowledge the wide range of recreational activities that take place in Victoria Park. The amendments address safety concerns, equity of access and enjoyment for all users.

Council is keen to inform the community of these amendments which are:
  • Approve the flying of Push Type Propeller and Ducted Fan Type model aircraft, with flying permitted during daylight hours but not before 7.00am any day.
  • Approve the flying of electric powered and non-powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) between daylight hours subject to adherence with Civil Aviation Safety Authority guidelines and only flying within the designated areas.
  • Amend the dog off leash area for Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi as recommended by the Adelaide Park Lands Authority allowing the entire park east of the north-south sealed pathway to be dog off leash except when:
    • The Criterium track is in use by any cyclist;
    • The premium field, southern sports fields or any other approved area is in use for a sporting event, game or training activity; and
    • In either case dogs must be on leash within 50 metres of these facilities and/or activities.

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