What is the criterium track and what is it used for?

    The Criterium track is a 1.4 km purpose-built off-road circuit designed for cyclist racing and accommodates all sorts of bike riders, from racers to weekend warriors.

    It is 9 metres wide and is home to Criterium (cycle) racing and pedal prix events.

    Why can’t dogs be walked off-leash on the Criterium Track when in use?

    The last thing Council wants is for a cyclist and dog to collide so the proposal is to enable dogs to roam off-leash around the fitness loop and in the southern end, while keeping them on-leash around the Criterium track area when in use.

    The proposed changes seek to balance the needs of all users and to make sure that the park can be used safely by everyone including cyclists, pedestrians, runners, sporting teams and dogs.

    Why don’t cyclists slow down and keep out of the way of pedestrians/dogs?

    As per the Victoria Park Masterplan, the north eastern area of Victoria Park is being transformed into a cycling hub, with a dedicated off-road Criterium Track designed for cyclist racing.

    Council is implementing a number of measures to raise awareness amongst users of the Park of the Criterium Track rules for use and to educate cyclists, pedestrians and people participating in recreational activities to look out and be aware of each other.

    The measures that are being implemented include signage around and on the track as well as information provided on Council's website and general awareness raising and communications to formal and informal Park users.

    Why is the dog off-leash area extending?

    The recommendation to extend the dog-off leash area comes as a result of ongoing communication and feedback received from the community and the South East Community Residents Association (SECRA) when communicating the changes endorsed in September 2014. The leaflet outlining these changes was provided to all respondents to the engagement and all registered dog owners within the City boundaries.

    It was clear from the engagement process in July 2014 that the community was not aware of changes to the dog-off leash area prescribed in the original CLMP following removal of the horse racing infrastructure. As part of these changes this area became an on-leash area. It is apparent that the community were not aware of the CLMP’s management directions with regards to the dog-off leash areas.

    Why is the area west of the Park Lands Trail now an on-leash area?

    In April 2015, the Adelaide Park Lands Authority (APLA) recommended that the area west of the north-south sealed pathway (Park Lands Trail) be an on-leash area. This recommendation was based on this area being popular for BBQ’s and picnics and is well used by cyclists and runners.

    How can I walk my dog off-leash in shade during summer?

    The area east of the Park Lands trail heading towards Wakefield Road is still covered by trees as is the southern section of the park so there are still areas that dogs can be off-leash in shade.

    Dogs are still permitted in all other shaded areas of the park as long as they are on a leash.

    How about a dedicated dog-park?

    Council has a very successful dog park in North Adelaide and is exploring options for another dog park in other areas of the City as part of the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy review.

    Can people currently fly model aircraft in Victoria Park?

    Under Council’s by-laws, people need to apply for permission to fly model aeroplanes in the Park Lands.

    There have been a small group of model aircraft users who have sought permission to fly in Victoria Park.

    The current Community Land Management Plan for Victoria Park makes reference to model aircrafts but doesn't set out a specific area for their usage.

    In September 2014 Council permitted the use of model aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles to use the southern end of the park but placed time restrictions on them due to noise levels.

    Why are the time restrictions on model aircraft being removed?

    Administration undertook a noise assessment of the unmanned aerial vehicles using the park.

    All of the measured aircraft satisfied the day time (7.00am-10.00pm) noise criteria at the nearest noise sensitive receiver when operated in isolation. Up to four push type propeller aircraft or nine ducted-fan type aircraft may be flown in the flight area simultaneously without exceeding the noise criteria. No daytime operation restrictions are required for gliders or pull-type propeller model aircraft based on noise emissions.

    Is there any other part of the Park Lands that people can fly model aircraft?

    Walyo Yerta (Park 21, located between Sir Lewis Cohen Av and Peacock Rd) in the Southern Park Lands has been deemed a dedicated model aeroplane area – people can fly their model aircraft in this area (only) without seeking permission from Council first, as long as they have their own insurance.

    Who can I contact for further information?

    For more information, please contact:

    Tom Beales, Recreation & Sport Coordinator
    Ph: 8203 7791
    E: t.beales@adelaidecitycouncil.com