Who do I contact for more information?

    For all enquiries, please contact Eve Craker, Recreation Officer on 8203 7954 or via e-mail e.craker@adelaidecitycouncil.com.

    How else can I provide my feedback?

    There are a number of ways in which you can provide feedback:

    Feedback Form
    Complete the Feedback Form which asks specific questions about the Recreation and Sport Grants Program.


    Meeting and/or Telephone
    There are opportunities to provide your feedback to Council through either a face to face meeting or a phone interview.

    If this method of providing feedback is most suitable to you, please contact Eve Craker Recreation Officer, on 8203 7954 or via email e.craker@adelaidecitycouncil.com , to make an appointment time.

    Online/ Website
    Council has a dedicated website that provides an opportunity for quick and efficient online feedback.

    Visit yoursay.adelaidecitycouncil.com for information about the Recreation and Sport Grants Review and online ways to provide your comments.

    Alternatively comments can be emailed to yoursay@adelaidecitycouncil.com

    Written Submissions
    All written submissions must be received by 5.00 pm on Monday 13 August 2012 and should be addressed to:

    Community Consultation
    Recreation and Sport Grants Review
    GPO Box 2252, Adelaide SA 5001

    Electronic submissions are available online at yoursay.adelaidecitycouncil.com, or alternatively comments can be e-mailed directly to yoursay@adelaidecitycouncil.com.

    What happens to my feedback?

    All feedback received will be collated to evaluate the operational standards (either satisfactory or unsatisfactory) of the current Recreation and Sport Grants Program.

    Results from the consultation will be communicated to you to keep you informed. A progress letter/email will be sent informing you of the decision from Council regarding the new Program.

    How do I know my feedback has been received?

    All feedback forms will be acknowledged either by email or in writing so that you know your comments/feedback has been received