What is a green organics bin?

    A residential green organics bin is a wheelie bin like your red waste bin. It has a green lid, and you can put food waste and other garden waste in it for collection and recycling into compost, instead of these materials going into the red waste bin and to landfill. Further information about green organics collection for City of Adelaide residents can be found here.

    Where does my food and garden waste put in the green organics bin end up?

    When food scraps (and other organic waste like garden clippings, and compostable packaging) are put in the green organics bin they are collected and then composted by Jeffries, a local South Australian company. This helps to stimulate our local economy, create local jobs, and build a product that can be used to grow food and other plants in our backyards and farms.

    Why was our street or laneway selected to participate?

    Your street has been selected because it was highlighted in a geospatial mapping analysis activity when a series of identified criteria were applied to the whole city. These criteria included road hierarchy, road width, footpath width, average property frontage width, parking overlap, one-way, and non-connecting roads. All criteria were combined to provide an overall restricted access score for each asset road segment within the City of Adelaide.