What is a Representation Review?

    A Representation Review is held when a Council considers an alteration to its electoral composition or Ward structure. The purpose of the review is to ensure the composition of elected members in Council and across the council area provides the most beneficial structure for representation of its community. 

    What is the purpose of a Representation Review?

    The purpose of a Representation Review is to determine whether the City of Adelaide communities are adequately represented in local government. The review looks at whether Council’s structure gives residents an effective pathway to have a voice to its local government and if those communities would benefit from changes to the composition, size or Ward structure of the Council.

    The Local Government Act 1999 provides the statutory framework for undertaking a Representation Review. The Review must be conducted in accordance with sections 12, 26(1)(c) and 33 of the Act. The City of Adelaide is also subject to the City of Adelaide Act 1998. This Act is to be read in conjunction with the Local Government Act 1999 and the Local Government (Elections Act) 1999 such that the three Acts are construed as if there was one Act.

    The City of Adelaide is required to conduct a comprehensive review of its representation structure by June 2021.

    What is the Representation Review process?

    The Representation Review process involves the following broad steps:

    1. Initiate Representation Review

    2. Representation Options Paper (Options Paper)

    3. Community Consultation on the Options Paper

    4. Respond to Public Consultation Outcomes

    5. Representation Review Report (Review Report)

    6. Community Consultation on the Review Report

    7. Public Hearing of Submissions

    8. Final Representation Review Report

    9. Boundary Documentation (if required).

    How will the communities of the City of Adelaide be consulted?

    The process for a Representation Review includes two periods of public consultation.

    The first period is in relation to this Options Paper and occurs for a period of at least six weeks. The second is in relation to the Representation Report and is for a period of at least three weeks, following which there is an opportunity for interested persons to be heard by the Council.

    Public notification of public consultation on this Options Paper is provided by publication of a public notice in the 11 March 2021 edition of the South Australian Government Gazette and on the City of Adelaide Public Notices Web page from 11 March 2021. Public notice will also be published via the Advertiser on 11 March 2021. 

    Consultation on the Options Paper will be open from 11 March 2021 (for a period of seven weeks) until 5pm, Friday 30 April 2021.

    What is 'Ward Quota''?

    A ward quota or representation quota is determined to be the number of electors for the area (as at the relevant date) divided by the number of councillors for the area who represent wards.

    What is Ward Quota Tolerance and how does this impacts on the City of Adelaide'?

    The tolerance is the percentage difference between each individual ward ratio (electors/representatives) and the quota (ward ratio - quota / ward ratio x 100). These numbers have already been worked out in the Options Paper report for ease of reference.  

    Can I receive a copy of the representation review options paper?

    Yes, you can pick up a copy of the Representation Options Paper  free of charge at the Customer Centre, 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide, and at any of its libraries and community centres (except for the Box Factory).   

    Did the Community workshops proceed?

    No - the Community Workshops scheduled for April 22 and April 27 2021 were cancelled as no registrations were received.