Residential and Main Street Development Plan Amendment; Draft statement of Intent and Character Analysis (including maps)

Preview a copy of the draft Statement of Intent, read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

To inform preparation of the Development Plan Amendment, Council staff have undertaken a detailed Character Assessment (Built Form and Land Use) of the areas of focus.

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The Character Assessment includes:
- Built Character: For each building information was collected on built character (heritage listing, height, design appearance etc)
- Land Use: Residential (house, unit etc) or Non-Residential (eg shop, office, hotel etc)

The Character Assessment (what we saw on the ground) has been compared against the Desired Character Statements in the Development Plan (what the Development Plan envisages for an area), and we have identified where there are consistencies and inconsistencies.

View the following maps by clicking on each one.
South-East residential corner of the City
Hutt Street
Central-South (between Hurtle and Whitmore Squares)
South-West residential corner of the City
Melbourne Street & O’Connell Street
Zone and Policy Area

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Consultation has concluded.

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