What is the purpose of this Working Group?

    The Working Group:

    • provides input and feedback on Council’s transport strategies, action plans, initiatives and projects; 
    • gives advice and feedback on engagement activities relating to transport strategies and projects;
    • advice and acts as a sounding board for CoA; 
    • members participate in project specific engagement activities, trial/test projects and education and communication initiatives; 
    • act as ambassadors and advocates for contemporary transport planning in the City.

    As an expert resource, the Working Group is to be engaged as early as possible in the planning and development of new cycling strategies, projects and opportunities.

    For more information, please read the CEO Working Group (WG) Terms of Reference document by clicking here.

    Who will form part of this Working Group?

    The Working Group will be made up of 12 members, including:

    • two CoA Elected Members that will represent the views of city residents
    • two community representatives – both of whom do not reside in the City of Adelaide and one of whom commutes by bicycle as their primary mode of transport and one of whom commutes by car as their primary mode of transport
    • Walking SA
    • Bike Adelaide
    • Bike SA
    • RAA
    • Business SA
    • Property Council
    • Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT)
    • one expert from another jurisdiction, such as City of Sydney or City of Melbourne.

    What is the time commitment required from the community member positions?

    The Working Group will meet monthly or as required for a period of 12 months, with the ongoing operation of the group to be considered annually by Council. Meetings will be chaired by the Manager Infrastructure Planning.

    Meetings will be at dates/times and in a location determined by the Chair, after consulting with the Working Group members. The preference is for the group to meet face-to-face to maximise discussion, although teleconference discussions may be available where circumstances require.

    Will there be sitting fees for members of this Working Group?

    There will be no sitting fees for this Working Group.

    How will the two community members for this Working Group be selected?

    Council’s Administration staff will select two community representatives from all the registrations of interest received, according to the below criteria.

    The applicants will:

    • Not reside in the CoA
    • Either primarily travel by bike or car as the primary mode of transport (one representative for each mode will be selected)
    • Demonstrate knowledge, experience or an interest in providing and strategic advice on transport into and within the city (including all modes) and contemporary transport planning approaches
    • Demonstrate an understanding and alignment with the vision, outcomes and actions outlined in CoA’s Strategic Plan 2020-2024.