Call for Registrations for Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi Sports Facilities, Winter Season 2018 (1 April-1 September 2018) has now closed.

about 2 years ago

To help achieve our strategic aim of enhancing the role of the Park Lands in increasing levels of physical activity and wellbeing through formal and informal sport and recreation opportunities, we recently offered seasonal hire agreements for the use of facilities within Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi over the 2018 Winter season (1 April-1 September 2018).

All interested organisations had to submit a registration of interest form for proposed use during winter 2018. The call for registrations of interest has now closed. Council is currently undertaking the assessment process and will confirm allocations in February 2018. Please see below for further information on this project:

Key dates
12 January 2018: Registration of Interest closed
15 January 2018: Submissions reviewed
February 2018: Allocations will be confirmed
01 April 2018: Hire Agreements will commence