Registration of Interest Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi -Sports Facilities: Summer Season 2019

    What can we apply for the Winter Season 2020?

    Premium Sports Field – Matches and training for five or ten weeks between 1 April – 30 September 2020.

    Southern Sports Fields – Matches for ten or twenty weeks between 1 April – 30 September 2020.

    Criterium Track – Ten or twenty sessions (races and training dates up to 4 hours long) from 1 April – 30 September 2020.

    What is Council aiming for?

    The main aim for the City of Adelaide is to activate Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi with sporting activities. The following principles will inform the selection process.

    • Priority will be given to City based sports organisations, and education institutions
    • Priority will be given to community sporting activities over elite sporting activities
    • Activities that are complimentary to the Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi facilities and sports pitch carrying capacity
    • Activities that target people from underrepresented groups

    Who can apply?

    Applications will be considered from:
    • Organisations or groups that are legally constituted as an incorporated association
    • Not for profit companies limited by guarantee
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations (under the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act 2006)
    • Educational Institutions
    • Commercial Organisations and Social Enterprises demonstrating a clear benefit for the community

    How do we apply?

    Applicants must provide:

    How will allocations be selected?

    All applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

    Community Benefit (30%)
    • The application is for community level sport (15%)
    • There is significant demand for the sport(s) (10%)
    • Number of participants per session (5%)
    • Whilst not exclusive, the application caters for City residents or people from underrepresented groups (5%)
    Activation (40%)
    • The application results in the facilities being used frequently (10%)
    • The activities complement the existing facilities and sports pitch carrying capacity in Victoria Park /Pakapakanthi (15%)
    • The dates/days/times requested don’t clash with other activities/events (10%)
    • The application does not adversely impact on residents or other users of the park. (5%)
    Management/Governance/Risk (30%)

    • The applicant is a City based sports organisation or educational institution (10%)
    • The applicant is a not for profit organisation or educational institution (10%)
    • The applicant is financially reliable and has no outstanding debt or grant acquittals with Council (10%

    Will all applicants be successful?

    This will depend on the number of applicants and their suitability to the assessment criteria. The City of Adelaide retains sole discretion as to who it offers hire agreements to.

    Is my organisation required to maintain the hired facilities?

    No, Council will be responsible for maintenance of the facilities.

    How much will it cost my organisation to hire the requested facilities for the Summer Season?

    The following fees will apply subject to Council endorsement on 1 July 2020.  Any bookings in addition to those included in the hire agreement will be charged as a casual booking (facility dependant) and may incur a separate booking fee.  Fees will be applied per number of sessions. A 50% discount may be applied to organisations hiring the ovals for participants aged under 13 or disadvantaged groups.

    Seasonal Hire of Pitches & Facilities

    Oval Seasonal Hire Weekday  $1000 (20 weeks); $500 (10 weeks); casual (one off) $52
    Oval Seasonal Hire Weekend  $1800 (20 weeks); $900 (10 weeks): casual (one-off) $96

    Heritage Grandstand Change Room Hire (including cleaning fee & storage space):
    Ten (10) Sessions: *$600
    Twenty (20) Sessions: *$1200
    Casual (one-off): *$65

    Southern Fields Change Room Hire (including cleaning fee & storage space):
    Full Share (20 weeks): $1,530
    Half Share (10 weeks): $765
    Casual (one-off): $76.50.

    *Not-for-profit Sporting Groups (Presentation and Change Rooms) - half-day charge (maximum 4 hours use).

    Can the change rooms be hired for single events or for single weeks?

    Yes, the change rooms will be available to book for one-off events or casual bookings; however these won’t be considered as part of this registration of interest process. Please apply separately through the Park Lands Booking Form.

    Can I park my car at Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi when hiring facilities?

    No, hire agreements do not permit organisations to park their car on the Park Lands. All users will be required to use the available on-street parking. Vehicle access permits (enabling loading and unloading of equipment) may be issued upon request.

    I want to use the Sports Fields in the Summer; can I apply now?

    No, a separate registration process will take place for the Summer season with registrations opening in July 2020. The Criterium track cycling summer season will be dealt with separately.

    Can I apply for the Premium Field?

    Yes - through the Registration of Interest process. 

    Where are the facilities located within the park?

    Please refer to the map provided on in the pack for further details.