What are your thoughts on an events space in the heart of Rundle Mall?

by None, over 4 years ago
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We are planning on introducing an events space in Gawler Place: What sort of events would you like to see there, and is the idea of an event space something you support?

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  • Sarahen over 8 years ago
    Yes I completely support an events space in Gawler Place. Uses, school holiday events, Public holiday [council paid] events to draw people in, allowing festival fringe acts to do short gigs, advertising the event, also for Womad, feast etc. How about demonstrations on weekends, St John's ambulance doing CPR demos, and Oganisations which normally have stalls within the Mall, Such as Red Cross, Oxfam etc, leaving room in the Mall Centre for a couple of cafes?
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    • puzzlefan over 8 years ago
      Also to consider having craft demonstrations would be good. I'm not really into the Arts, but I am a hands-on person and given there are two large craft stores in the Rudle Mall precinct (Spotlight and Lincraft) I think there is a huge potential there that hasn't been harnessed as yet.
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      • Sarahen over 8 years ago
        that's a great idea! I love craft and would really be into that
  • Andrew Schulz over 8 years ago
    I greatly support an events space, however, I think that it should be set back into the northern end of Gawler Place. Events are great and do lots to contribute to the atmosphere and liveability of the Mall, but it is a bit annoying when crowds impede on the flow of pedestrian traffic in the area.
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    • Sarahen over 8 years ago
      that's what I imagined they were going to do, I fully support that idea
  • taurus72 over 8 years ago
    I would like to see something permanent there for children eg playground or something. Not just for school holidays but all the time. At the moment there is nothing in the city for children. I think after a while kids would get sick of spending a whole day traipsing around shops.
  • adventure over 8 years ago
    Agree with the concept of an event space it may be a good idea if the stage was set further north of Gawler Place to provide more space for audiences..
  • Rundle-1 over 8 years ago
    I would love to see an indoor events space set up in the Mall. Many of my greatest Childhood memories of Rundle Mall, are things like Lego World Expos and other Toy exhibitions, at Department Stores, like John Martins and the old Myer store. These were terrific, it would be great if Rundle Mall could revisit those kind of events, John Martins often used the area that the Magic Cave would occupy between November-December, for a host of events through-out the year, up until November. They were big on giving the community free events, such as, these. Sadly, this all ended when Rundle Mall lost Johnnies. I am sure that Rundle Mall, the retailers, and the council could work with toy companies, such as, Mattel, Hasbro, Lego, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, etc to make this stuff happen. Also, adults could have garden and travel shows on in the space, to ensure that all people regardless of age, interests, could have their share of interesting events.
  • JxC over 8 years ago
    As part of the youth, I see some of the most important part of the mall are the buskers, I think they are some of the best in the Australia to what I have seen and I think an entertainment space would be good for some of the bigger acts but some how make it closed in because when there is a big event or show it blocks off the sidewalks and makes it hard to walk past.