What ideas do you have to improve Rundle Mall?

by None, over 4 years ago
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Would you like to see a specific retail outlet, restaurant, service or facility in Rundle Mall? What else would improve your experience in Rundle Mall?

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  • Bowen Ellames over 8 years ago
    Specific retail outlets which I think could improve Rundle Mall, include: international brand ALDO; the best destination for wardrobe essentials GAP; international label ZARA, one of the world's leading fashion, jewellery and hollowware designers GEORG JENSEN; Danish jewellery maker PANDORA; and French brand LE COQ SPORTIF...
  • Sarahen over 8 years ago
    I was so disappointed when we got 'same old same old' when David Jones mall was built, same old frontage, same old Rundle Mall wind tunnel. Now Harris Scarfe is gone, I suppose the same thing will happen again. Couldn't we make land owners set back their frontages to allow space for trees and benches in front? Could the council purchase some of the land to make a lane through to Grenfell St? Heaven help us if their was a major disaster/ panic there are not enough ways out of the Mall.
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    • Bowen Ellames over 8 years ago
      I agree with Sarahen about the 'same old same old' with new developments on Rundle Mall. There needs be a firmer push for more exciting and innovative architecture; statements that stand out on the Adelaide skyline and make an announcement to interstate shopping precincts and tourists that Adelaide is forward thinking in commercial design. Shops and department stores allow designers to be a little more creative, unusual in their approach - so Rundle Mall, as a shopping precinct, could be a fantastic architectural showcase in Adelaide!
  • Andrew Schulz over 8 years ago
    Take out the light poles and install cantenary lighting across the entire length of the Mall.
  • capital over 8 years ago
    More TV screens and interactive screens on ground level. Make Rundle Mall a colourful and lively place where people can even play with the screens. example. have a screen where if you touch it or move your hand around it, it will create colours and moving objects on the screen.
  • SJH over 8 years ago
    Keep the existing trees especially the one outside of the old David Jones Building (with the iconic statue). These trees are used by many bird species which are a delight for visitors and locals alike. These mature trees also provide shade to shoppers and visitors. I would hate to see them replaced with immature plane trees. More trees should be planted that are NOT deciduous European trees but native species. We need to honour the fact that we live in Australia NOT Europe!
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    • Sarahen over 8 years ago
      the trouble with native trees are that many of them are short lived [wattles etc] or prone to dropping branches [many gum trees] I love the native trees but I understand why plane trees are so often chosen. They are neat in habit, can be pruned when needed without damage to the health of the tree, and they are one of the most pollution resistant trees on the planet, for all these reasons they are a safe[if boring] bet for city planting. Anyway, more trees in the mall what ever type they are, there is a lot of seating out in the open at the moment which is stupid for summer. Crepe myrtles are used by some councils as street trees, the are drought hardy, small, and have gorgeous blossoms in pink white or lavender throughout summer. Tourists would love them!
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      • Stefan over 8 years ago
        I disagree with planting new tree's that are not European. Adelaide is somewhat known as a European city and it should stick to that. Yes we do live in Australia but Australia is also a multi cultural country and therefore should appricate not only the native Australian trees but also European and any other that can survive in our climate. The current tree's within the mall and within the CBD are amazing! They make you feel as if you're part of something much bigger, unlike the Australian tree's which can be found literally anywhere. I mean our city is surrounded by park lands with these type of tree's so to keep the European one's isnt asking for much, is it? The Australian tree's are also known for ruining footpaths, damaging buildings and having an ugly look whereas the European tree's are and do not. So in the long run it's much more cost affective.
  • puzzlefan over 8 years ago
    More variety in plus size fashion would be good to see - especially affordable plus sized fashion.
  • x3msol over 8 years ago
    I like to see shops, cafes and bars open till midnight if they wish. Make the Mall the best shopping precinct and don't bring in the roundabout. Who is going to use it? After all the kids should all be in bed by then, if you are tryig to attract more people at night. The Mall should be a shopping precinct and not a night precinct, there are other streets for that, like Rundle and Hindley Streets, Norwood, Glenelg, North Adelaide, Henley Beach etc. I think it needs a huge makeover (hasn't really had one since its inception in 1976), fresh coat of paint, billboards for business to advertise their ware, new pavings and free car parking after 6pm monday to friday and Sunday and if you park before 8pm on saturday. A nice structure that attracks tourists and the likes, like a giant bunch of grapes or solar powered cafes (or the new Harris Scarfe building be plastered with solar cells) if we are to be seen as solar technology leaders.
  • taurus72 over 8 years ago
    Personally I'd like to see more charity shops and stores like Big W, K-mart and more bookshops. I think also that maybe a indoor play cafe and/or ten bin bowling would be good too. No more boutiques. Rundle Mall has enough of them.
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    • Sarahen over 8 years ago
      i agree, enough with the boutiques already! a play cafe would be great! come in, do your shopping then relax with a latte while your littlies romp in the playground area, heaven!
  • bruceatsea over 8 years ago
    I would like to see more public art, changed more often. We must keep the pigs and the balls, they are iconic, but let's see other things. For example in Buenos Aires in Dec '08 there were life size statues of horses placed outside various businesses. The business could pay to have it decorated on a theme related to the business, but not logos. Then in mid 2010, they had life sized busts of women, and leading artist had been asked to paint them on a theme of Breast Cancer Awareness. In Liverpool July '08, it was styalised sheep, same idea, but a theme of environmental awareness. I have seen photos of cows somewhere. Why don't we try similar but allow a Kangaroo, Emu, or Wombat. For example one outside Dymocks could be decorated with Kangaroos from childrens' books. One outside Barlows could have shoes all over. Also allow retailers to replace the pavers in front of their shop with something lively. Maybe not a logo, but perhaps corporate colours. And how about a dreaming snake from time to time. Maybe not permanent, but painted on, tracing at different times; Our aboriginal heritage, White settlement, The history of the Mall Our vanishing wildlife, with suitable models along the way. Think Brewery Christmas display, but changed often enough, and exciting enough, to drag Adelaide in. The aim is to get families to want to come to browse in the evenings. Maybe they could even be brought out at night, if we can find somewhere to put them during the day. (An empty basement perhaps?)
  • lemon over 8 years ago
    > Greater focus on getting brands to establish flagship stores on the mall that are significantly larger and carry a greater range than their suburban-mall counterparts. It would be nice to see more stores expand to multiple levels, a la the Zara stores around the country. > Improve the appearance of shopfronts on the mall. There should be a push for stores to create more visually exciting shopfront/window displays that stand out and wow people. This could be achieved with more glass and lighting, a la Apple stores. This could encourage people to simply come to the mall and 'window shop', thus increasing pedestrian traffic. By having effective shopfronts, people would be attracted to the stores, even after opening hours. There could even be allowance for window displays to 'spill over' onto the actual mall path and even be interactive. Perhaps even hire a professional merchandiser/designer to do this for stores on the mall. > Use the upper-level facades of buildings as space for billboard advertisements, a la New York's Times Square. This could generate revenue to be put towards other Mall-related projects, while also adding some much needed visual excitement. > Greater focus on affordable (in terms of lease) pop-up store-oriented retail spaces in the laneways. This would ensure that there are always some new stores to check out in the mall, which would encourage people to come more often, to not miss out. Popular stores could then 'graduate' and move onto the main mall strip, when it's more financially viable for them to do so.
  • Baxkat over 8 years ago
    I would like to see decorative lamp posts with flower baskets hanging from them like the ones you see in Vancouver and other parts of Canada. I think this would help to make the Mall look less sterile than it does now. Also planter boxes with flowers spilling over would look good too.
  • Rundle-1 over 8 years ago
    I agree with Lemon's point about encouraging retail chains to do more to establish their Rundle Mall store as the South Australian flagship store, by having far greater floor space, and a wider range of stock when compared to their suburban counterparts. As a Child of the 80s, I feel that Rundle Mall was always at it's best when had things that were not available, else where. Rundle Mall chain-stores need to be different to the suburban versions. I think Rundle Mall could turn things around if it considered reviving these four draw-cards from the 80s and 90s. Firstly, larger Department stores, than the suburbs. Many of my happiest Rundle Memories include, the Lego World Expos and other toy exhibitions, that were housed in stores, such as, John Martins and the old-Myer, plus my mother always loved the Flower shows, in the old David Jones. These shows were free, but if you were anything like me as a kid, going to one of these always ensured toy sales (that day) from the store running the exhibition. Secondly, the great Variety stores. Woolworths and Coles each had a very different presence in Rundle Mall, when compared to their suburban stores. Instead of supermarkets, Woolworths and Coles, each had variety stores in the Mall, stores that sold very different stock to Big W, Target, KMart, and the supermarkets. It would be great to see Woolworths and Coles go back to a model like this, as having supermarkets in the city, does not have the exclusive nature that these stores did. As a Child, I could get toys in these variety stores that other retailers did not, clothing was sold there, meals, etc. Thirdly, Entertainment and amusements. Dazzeland, Time Zone, and Downtown were all fun and entertaining parts of the Rundle Mall precinct, and sadly the Mall has lacked some of the character and colour when it lost these closed. However, if Rundle Mall could reintroduce an Arcade/ Amusement area into the Rundle Mall precient, it would bring some interest back. A lot of people from my generation have fond memories of Dazzeland, Time Zone, and Down Town. It would not be difficult to revive nostalgia, with something like an Intensity, or something. Fourth, Mainstream cinemas disappearing. It is such a shame that most mainstream movies are not shown in the city, now days. I would love to see the Council work with the Hayward family and current retailers to try and bring the John Martins community atmosphere back to retail in the Mall. I think that John Martins approach to all things from the Magic Cave, Christmas Pageant, Free Toy Exhibitions, other department exhibitions, sponsorship of the Beatles 1964 Adelaide visit, and on-going contribution to the Arts has been unparalleled, before or since Johnnies closure. Ideally, if we can not get John Martins back in the Mall, we need to get a new department store, that does not share its site/ floor space with speciality retailers like the Myer and David Jones do with tenants of the Myer Centre and Adelaide Central Plaza. It would be great if Rundle Mall could use the past John Martin's achievements to remind retailers of what is possible, and maybe offer some kind of award to retailers in the John Martins name, that rewards special efforts to the community of South Australia. This not only allows for bigger departments, with a wider choice of stock than suburban Department Stores can offer, but also allows for exhibitions. I also believe Woolworths and Coles should be supported in doing whatever they can to ensure that they stock different lines in their Rundle Mall stores, than they do in the suburban versions. An arcadce/ Amusement area, such as, Intencity. It would be great if Hoyts, Wallis, Greater Union or Reading gave the City a chance, by offering a mainstream cinema. I would just like to close by saying that whatever renovations done to Rundle Mall, do not prevent David Jones from using the giant outdoor Santa Decoration. It is actually a decoration that John Martins use to use every Christmas and to many South Australians is just as much a land-mark of Christmas in the Mall, as the Magic Cave is.
  • Stefan over 8 years ago
    I think Rundle Mall should turn into a mix of shopping but also lesuire, relaxation and fun for the children. For example, if someone wanted a decent mean while shopping then they would either have to leave the mall to go to Rundle Street or Hindley (the two being the closest). The mall only offers fast food and I for one would rather spend that little bit extra money for a good cooked mean. The same goes for cafes. The only decent ones are very small and limited on space. Cibo for example doesnt even have an indoor area yet it is known to be one of Adelaides most succesful cafe but it hasnt got room to catter for people indoors. What do people do when they're cold or it begins to rain? The umbrellas can't completly protect you from the rain, especially if it's windy. Just to have more cafes and resturants within the mall will brighten up the night life dramatically because it gives a place for the young and older generations to hang out (such like on Rundle Street) I'd also like to further expand my point about the size or a cafe or even a retail shop. Recently I went on a 3 month holiday to places all around Europe and I went to a number of places similar to Rundle Mall however to compare Rundle Mall to any shopping precint is like comparing Cooper Pedy to Adelaide. Yes, there are some interesting thing's to see in Cooper Pedy but which tourist will go all the way out there to check out something small and mildly interesting? The same goes for Adelaide and Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. Why would someone come into Adelaide when they have a choice of going to any of those other cities which have everything Adelaide does but bigger and better? Exactly why we need to have that drawing card. We need to build bigger and better shops. Many of the buildings have empty space above the current retail. Why can't we expand those shops to go up? Just like the new General Pants Co. they not only have a down stairs but also an up. Other shops such as Fcuk and Gstar can do this. This will use up un used space and provide a more relaxed shopping experience without everything being cluttered up together. People like this and it will show that Adelaide is something much bigger and better. My favourite time to go into the mall is when the fringe is on because there is always something new to see and experience. Why can't we have something like this within the mall throughout the whole year? If not all year then at least during the warmer months. It'll be a huge attraction and nothing like any other city has. There are currently only one or two acts that are in the mall during the day but they are also the same boring acts that are being repeated everyday. We need something new, something exciting and something that isnt the same almost everyday. For example during the night they could have an act with a man blowing out fire from his mouth. These are only a couple of ideas that come to mind which could brighten up the experience one would recieve when in the mall. Also I'd like to add that the mall needs new and exciting ideas from younger generations, not ideas from people who are still living in the past and don't want much to change because when you think about it, it's the younger generation who use this space the most, not the elderly. But this should apply throughout the whole city, not just the mall. They are the reason why Adelaide has not changed one bit within the past few decades and they're also the ones who barely 'go out' to enjoy what we have. Think about it.
  • Andy Salvanos over 8 years ago
    More plants and art would certainly make the mall more appealing. There is a sterile feel about the mall; upgrading paving and removing fruit stalls won't do anything to change this. Neither will adding more shops. Street art should be encouraged. A lot of people won't go to art exhibitions or classical music concerts, but they will appreciate these things if they can sit and enjoy them in the mall. Under current busking regulations, pavement chalk drawings are forbidden and artists can't display and sell paintings, although some of the people who draw portraits are allowed to do it on a donation basis. Get people involved; maybe establish an evolving mural, where tourists and shoppers can leave comments, drawings etc. As a street musician, I often find myself competing against spkruikers and shops that play loud music. Other buskers are generally not a problem, except during peak times. Spruiking in particular seems to be getting louder and more aggressive as shops are fighting a difficult retail market, but nobody likes hearing it. Encourage retailers to allow and support the establishment of a Sunday street market on Sunday mornings from about 8am-noon. This would bring people in to the city BEFORE shops open, and promote a vibrant atmosphere. The market stalls that used to be in Rundle St (currently Hindmarsh Sq) could be a starting point. Play areas for younger children is a good idea, but playgrounds tend to date quickly, so it should be designed to be unique and easy to upgrade. Nothing looks more dreary than a dated, standard-issue, graffiti covered playground. Security simply needs to be upgraded. Thanks to budget restraints, there is only one guard on duty all day, except on Friday afternoons. One lone guard has to cover an area of about 3 km, including side streets and walking down to Hindley St to assist with police reports. As soon as the shops close, the security guard leaves as well. A strong 24-hour police presence would make a difference too. If people feel safe, they are more likely to come, and stay. The cost of parking also remains a major issue.
  • emma over 8 years ago
    GAP, ZARA, MANGO (MNG), WITCHERY MAN, KMART, Van Heusen, boutiques and vintage stores, more cafe's and restaurants.
  • Rundle-1 over 8 years ago
    I also think that Rundle Mall lacks the Christmas Window displays that Department stores in Rundle Mall use to have. Last year, I went to Brisbane in November and was reminded just how much detail went into the Myer Christmas Window Displays. Myer, David Jones and any new Department Stores, need some encouragement to get some Store windows back again, in Rundle Mall. This would help add some colour, and ensure that Adelaide is not missing out on what people in other Capital cities take for granted.:)