What needs to happen to make Rundle Mall a place that you would visit after 7pm?

by None, over 4 years ago
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  • Bowen Ellames over 8 years ago
    Rundle Mall needs to offer more entertainment venues, wine bars and clubs, restaurants and caf├ęs to draw visitors after 7.00pm. Presently, Rundle Mall is a retail sector - department stores, boutiques and shops, supermarkets and convenient stores - and that needs to change by adding venues, bars, clubs and restaurants to the mix. But Rundle Mall also needs to be reshaped, as a cultural hub, where fine dining meets jazz bars and underground dance clubs and new interactive public art, such as: light and video installations, and outdoor performance spaces feature.
  • mpbarlow over 8 years ago
    Rundle Mall is definitely in need of more bars, cafes, restaurants and live music venues - not necessarily in the mall itself (maybe above retail outlets after hours) but more so in the lane ways leading too and from the mall. The Jade Monkey is a great example of a beautiful old venue just off Rundle Mall on Twin St. But after watching a gig there is nowhere to go except down to the Exeter or the Austral which are more often than not over crowded. This has more to do with the licensing laws and regulations in South Australia than a lack of people wanting these things... Shopping precinct by day, cultural and entertainment hub by night, that's the way forward for Rundle Mall. In order for this to happen though there needs to be some changes in the licensing laws preventing small bars and clubs from opening.. The city also needs to be more accommodating to cyclists... more and more people are cycling every day in Adelaide and there needs to be more attention payed to this rather than finding more room for disgusting 10 story parking lots.
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    • Michelle over 8 years ago
      Totally agree with Sarahen. I do not go down Rundle Mall at night because it is loomy and spooky - I'm always worried about bad behaviour. I think Rundle Mall needs to align with other States and yes, the operating hours should expand. Great idea to have cafes down the centre of The Mall - make the Mall alive like Rundle Street now is :-)
    • Bowen Ellames over 8 years ago
      I think changes in licensing and regulations is a good step in the right direction.
  • Sarahen over 8 years ago
    definitely cafes down the centre of the mall=people=safety. Also need better lighting. Another pub up on a balcony for multi layer people [Rundle mall is a bit looming and spooky at night] would bring life. shops open til 9pm 7 days a week.
  • Allie over 8 years ago
    a) lower rent to make it more attractive for small independent stores to come into the mix - Rundle Mall lost a lot of its charm when they closed shop and leftb) what is wrong with leaving it as a retail hub and having Grotest and Gouger St, with all it's bars, cafes and resturants as the entertainment hub. Too often trying to multipurpose a site will strip it of its unique idenity and usefulness. I love the Rundle St markets, I love to shop and window shop, watch street theartre and listen to good baskers. I would not mind being able to do so for longer hours after work or longer hours on the weekend
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    • Scooterbabe over 8 years ago
      I do agree with comment (b) to keep majority of the pubs, clubs and restaurants around the CBD area, and Rundle Mall for more family and adult entertainment such as open air cinema etc. A lot of effort has been put into raising profile of Gouger and Grote streets and would be disappointing to move the focus away from those already successful foodie hubs.
  • Andrew Schulz over 8 years ago
    I believe that a reactivation of the 6th level (former Dazzleland) in the Myer Centre with an arcade similar to the likes of the old TimeZone and/or Incencity would go a long way to activating Rundle Mall after 7pm and on weekends. Generation X/Y/Z would enjoy and experience of nostalgia if an 'retro' entertainment hub were established - think Daytona USA, Sega Classics, Pacman, Pong, etc. Magic Mountain at Glenelg used to have 3 hour lock-ins on Saturday mornings from 9-12am, and if an arcade were set up there with a similar 'offer' from 6-9pm weekdays and 9-12am weekends it would really draw people into the mall and regenerate the area into a more youthful space.
  • lemon over 8 years ago
    > Later, universal opening hours throughout the week.> Free parking throughout the city after 7pm (or even earlier, such as 5pm) on weeknights. This may encourage more people who work in the city to stay in the city after work, rather than head home immediately. It would also encourage more families to go the mall on weeknights. An important part of attracting more people to the mall after 7pm would be to really push the idea that it's still family friendly at night.> More office spaces should be situated on the above-ground levels of the mall's shops. This would increase the density of people around the mall and increase activity on the mall. Additionally, these office buildings should open into the laneways, so that when these employees leave work, they pass through the mall, which would encourage them to have a look around and stay at the mall after work.> More family friendly casual diner-type places, to encourage more families to spend weeknights at the mall. These would be more intimate than eating in a food court, but more casual and not as pricey as restaurants on Rundle or Gouger Street. These don't necessarily have to be on Rundle Mall, but rather just in the general CBD area.> Make every high school within a certain radius of the city offer an after school bus that goes to the city. This will increase the amount of potential evening pedestrian traffic that the mall will experience and increase the number of younger people on the mall, making it more family friendly in the evenings. This may also encourage the families/parents of the students to also go to/stay in the city at night, to meet their children there.> Increase integration of the mall with North Terrace, by perhaps making all connecting laneways pedestrian only and improving lighting within the laneways. This will make bus stops on North Terrace more accessible from and to the mall. The integration should also include the art gallery, museum, library and university campus. It's important to make the library more accessible and able to accommodate large numbers of high school and uni students - students would be able go there after school to study til late and then hit the mall for dinner, a study snack or some shopping. The greater integration of the mall with the university campus should also encourage more uni students to go the mall after lectures or tutes, instead of heading home directly. More family friendly night time activities at the library, museum and art gallery. For example, more kid-friendly night tours, perhaps even Night At The Museum-type activity. These would be educational and entertaining.> Push for increased late bus services, where existing services may not be able to cope with the extra demand.> Night markets on the mall or on Rundle Street during the summer. These would be similar to the Sunday morning/afternoon markets on Rundle Street, just moved to a night time setting.> Outdoor moonlight cinema screening family friendly movies at Rundle Park during the summer. This could be in conjunction to the Botanic's Moonlight cinema, but with the focus on being family friendly.> Definitely agree with Andrew's suggestion of the reactivation of Dazzleland.
  • tommwhite over 8 years ago
    Certainly there needs to be attraction for all ages to the Mall after 7pm to make it a safe and appealing place to visit. The Gawler Place/Mall intersection is a great space for live entertainment or video screens for visual coverage of world-wide sporting/cultural events or even movies. Bring in casual movable seating, good lighting and interesting exhibitions so that more people are attracted to the space. Cafes and restaurants could then be incorporated in laneways and compliment the experience.
  • Rundle-1 over 8 years ago
    I agree with what others have said regarding Dazzeland or something similiar. I have such great memories of Downtown, Time Zone and Dazzeland in the city. Rundle Mall lacks the spark of something like that around now. A nice mix of Retro and modern Video games, would add a lot.