What is the Rundle Mall Masterplan?

    The Masterplan will guide the future direction and delivery of projects that will ensure Rundle Mall remains the primary retail precinct and meeting place in South Australia. It involves the formulation of a document for the Rundle Mall Precinct (bordered by King William Street, North Terrace, Pulteney Street and Grenfell Street) which includes a design component and an overall vision providing recommendations regarding policies, processes, management and governance.

    The Masterplan outcomes will be implemented over several years, with each separate project reflecting the overall Masterplan vision. It will aim to combine both public and private investment, develop relationships and create a framework for the future growth of the precinct.
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    Why do we need a Masterplan?

    Rundle Mall is currently upgraded on an ad-hoc basis with minimal funding or resources allocated to future projects. The masterplan will provide a framework to guide the future direction of the Mall. A list of priority projects will be identified as part of the Masterplan to ensure the delivery of a revitalised retail precinct.

    What has been the process for the Masterplan so far?

    Below is an overview of the process to date;

    1) Council /approved the decision to commence the "Repositioning Rundle Mall Precinct Masterplan" project at its meeting on 14 December 2009.

    2) A Consultant Team led by Connor Holmes began developing the Masterplan in April 2010.

    3) The development of the Masterplan comprises of three stages which have been in work from April 2010 – September 2011.

    STAGE 1: Site analysis, research, surveys and collation of information (100% complete)

    Output: Council received the 'User Validation Study' in April 2010 and the 'Lay of the Land' Report in September 2010

    STAGE 2: Stakeholder engagement (100% complete)

    Extensive Stakeholder engagement was undertaken with the following groups :Shoppers, City workers and the general public, The retail community, Adelaide City Council Elected Members & staff, State Government & State Opposition, RMMA Board members, Property Owners, Precinct Group Representatives, Neighbouring Stakeholders, A representative group of Entrepreneurs & Academics.

    Output: Council endorsed the "Vision & Guiding Principles"* on 22 February 2011

    STAGE 3: Masterplan design and development (100% complete)
    Output: Draft Masterplan Report. Presentations of the Draft Rundle Mall Precinct Masterplan were presented to Council and the RMMA Board in April, May and July 2011

    How much will the Masterplan outcomes cost?

    The current Draft Masterplan design is estimated at $60 million, this includes the redevelopment of the entire Precinct, including the Mall, laneways and all design elements.

    How much is Council spending?

    Council has allocated $1.7 million this financial year for some preliminary projects to get underway and will consider future budget allocations through the annual Business plan and budget process.

    What are the next steps?

    The next step is public consultation throughout October. A link to the "Your Say Adelaide" website along with the Masterplan details will on the ACC and Rundle Mall websites and an interactive display will b e in Rundle Mall from mid-October to enable everyone to view the recommendations more closely.

    Feedback will then be presented back to Council and RMMA for final endorsement of the Masterplan.

    It will then be tendered to designers to turn the concepts into detailed working drawings of the first priority projects.

    When will consultation close?

    Public consultation will be open from the 4th of October to 5pm 1st of November, 2011

    What will happen to my feedback?

    All the feedback will be considered and collated into a Report which will feed into the Final Rundle Mall Masterplan prior to endorsement by Council and Rundle Mall Management Authority.

    When can we expect to see changes?

    To do it properly, it will take about 6 months to finalise and complete detailed design works. Council are aiming to start construction of first projects in 2012. The delivery will be implemented as a staged process over several years.

    What will be the first project?

    Council and Rundle Mall Management authority have indicated a strong preference for the redevelopment of Gawler Place and the Rundle Mall proper. Preliminary projects may also include development of the laneway initiatives, more outdoor dining, more mobile food stands and public art opportunities.

    Will the paving get fixed as part of the Masterplan?

    It is intended that the paving will be considered as part of the design solutions in the Masterplan.

    Will the Laneways be revitalised as part of the Masterplan?

    Yes, the Masterplan will consider the whole precinct, bound by North Terrace, King William Street, Grenfell Street and Pulteney Street. A variety of recommendations will be proposed for the laneways.

    Have you consulted the public on what they wanted?

    Yes – extensive stakeholder engagement was conducted at the end of 2010, which included consultations with shoppers, traders, workers, visitors, investor, property owners and the general public. That information enabled us to draft the Master Plan as it stands today.

    Have you consulted the traders?

    Yes – extensive stakeholder engagement was conducted at the end of 2010 and traders have been kept up-to-date throughout the process. Discussions have been held with key-traders and they will also have the opportunity to formally submit their views during October.

    Is there an opportunity to meet the Design Team and those involved?

    Yes, the Design Team and Adelaide City Council Staff will be in the Mall mid-October to answer any questions from the Public and listen to your feedback.

    Are there plans for more parking and cheaper rates?

    The Masterplan looks at a variety of options including extending the tram network, making the precinct more pedestrian friendly and extending the bicycle network. Council supports these ideas and encourages easy-access to Rundle Mall, and the city in general, via public transport. For those who choose to drive, there are approximately 41,000 parking spaces.