What happens to my feedback/submission?

    Results of the public consultation will be presented back to Council before the proposed By-Law is referred to the Legislative Review Committee of State Parliament for adoption. If approved, the By-Law will become effective four months after gazettal date.

    Who do I contact for more information?

    Dominic Bonfiglio, Senior City Precinct Officer

    Ph 8203 7316


    When will the By-Law come into effect?

    If approved by Council and the State Government, it will come into effect in July 2012.

    Why is this By-Law being proposed now?

    All other By-Laws are now complete so it is an appropriate time to introduce this By-Law.

    How far will the By-Law extend down the streets/lanes surrounding Rundle Mall?

    This will be determined by Council when the Draft proposal is presented, taking into account any formal feedback.