Why is the upgrade happening?

    The project has been developed following user and stakeholder feedback to improve the usability and accessibility of the park.  

    This upgrade project will deliver extensive improvements to event infrastructure throughout the park allowing event operators to setup and pack-down quicker and for events to run more sustainably.

    What benefits will the event infrastructure upgrade in Rymill Park bring?

    The Events Infrastructure Project will provide improved and upgraded services that will support the ongoing and continue use of the area as a major event and entertainment hub in the eastern Park Lands. These include: 

    • Increased public safety and environmental standing for events through access to permanent electrical and hydraulic infrastructure
    • Facilitating Adelaide’s international events to be some of the most sustainable in the world
    • Reduce operating costs to Council and Event operators.
    • Reduce overall environmental impacts of Events in the Park.
    • Providing world class services supporting the unique annual events that contribute to the vibrancy of Adelaide and the festival season.

    What are the key features of the upgrade?

    Key features of the upgrade include:

    • Extensive electrical and hydraulic upgrades throughout the park, including a SAPN (South Australian Power Networks) transformer upgrade adjacent the Quentin Kenihan Inclusive Playground.
    • The electrical works will provide new electrical distribution boards and event power pits, which will reduce the amount of power cabling events require and reduce cabling across paths during events.
    • New hydraulic works, which include an expansion of potable water infrastructure, new recycled water infrastructure and two new wastewater pump stations, which will reduce major events reliance on carting sewerage. 
    • Installation of detention tanks and rising mains to enable events access to sewer mains for temporary toilet blocks during events.

    What works are required?

    Five stages of work are required at to install the new infrastructure:

    1. Site Setup and Investigation - The contractor will setup their site compound on the northern extent of the park, adjacent Rundle Road. In parallel, the contractor will survey the park to map the new infrastructure alignment.
    2. Trenching – The contractor will excavate new trenches ready for new infrastructure to be laid, carefully working around existing trees and infrastructure.
    3. Infrastructure Installation - The contractor will install new conduits, cabling, pipes and other supporting infrastructure into the trenches and systematically fill trenches once complete. 
    4. Turf Makegood – The Contractor will remediate the worksites by installing new turf along trenched areas to return the Park to a high-quality community open space. 
    5. Final Commissioning and Testing – Towards the end of the project the Contractor will install above ground infrastructure and commission to ensure it’s all working effectively. 

    When will the works happen?

    Council is coordinating the timing of the works during winter which is traditionally a lower use period - winter/early Spring. This will ensure the works are completed in Spring and the ready for the busy late Spring/Summer event seasons.

    The works will commence at the start of June 2022, with completion of below ground works anticipated early-October 2022. Works will take place Monday to Friday.

    Final commissioning of the works (above ground services) will be completed by the end of the year, but the above ground works won’t have any impact on access and general enjoyment of the park.

    How is the upgrade being funded?

    The Upgrade is being jointly funded by Council and State Government through the Open Space and Places for People Grants.

    The State Government funding was provided to fund upgrades to Electrical and Hydraulic infrastructure that will support the accessibility, sustainability, and general use of the parks for event operators.

    What can I expect during the works?

    The construction works are extensive throughout the park, requiring the majority of the park to be fenced off by the Contractor as a work site. 

    Access to the Quentin Kenihan Inclusive Playground (QKIP) and the Adelaide Lawn Bowls Club will be maintained, with primary access via Dequetteville Terrace car park. Accessible parking is also available on Rundle Road.  

    Access is required to be restricted to limit general access for the safety of the community, as the works will require lighting to be turned off for upgrades, there will be open trenches for extended periods and construction vehicles traversing the park. 

    As works are completed and the park is made safe, the temporary construction fencing will be brought down to return the Park to usable open space for the community. 

    Pedestrian access along footpaths around the perimeter of the park will be maintained at all times.

    The Event Upgrade Works will not require any road closures to surrounding roads. 

    The Rymill Park community BBQ’s will not be available throughout the project as the infrastructure will be isolated during the works. The BBQ's will be activated again when the electrical upgrades are completed and fully commissioned in late 2022.  

    The Rymill Park Kiosk was vacated by the lessee prior to this project and will not be open until further notice.

    Will there be environmental impacts caused by the works?

    The Event Infrastructure Upgrade works have been planned to minimise any impacts to the existing infrastructure and assets, including trees.   

    The Council will work very closely with the Contractor to avoid infrastructure pathways adjacent any trees, but where absolutely necessary the Contractor will use non-invasive trenching techniques (such as directional boring), which will have minimal impact on tree roots and the trees ongoing health. 

    How do these works align with the Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka (Park 14): Draft Master Plan & Community Land Management Plan?

    The Event Infrastructure Upgrades were considered prior to the completion of the Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka (Park 14): Draft Master Plan & Community Land Management Plan consultation process, but to this process assisted the development of the infrastructure design and longer term use of the park. 

    The installation also considered outcomes considered as part of the Master Plan, so not to impact the future delivery of them, but support the delivery of relevant projects.