How have the designated locations been chosen?

    The following guiding principles have been adopted to identify locations that may be suitable for motorcycle and scooter parking on footpaths:

    • Low pedestrian volumes
    • Not located along a pedestrian desire line 
    • Not impeding on pedestrian mobility
    • Does not create conflicts with existing (or possible future) landscaping/greening and outdoor dining
    • Adequate space to accommodate 10 or more motorcycles or scooters
    • The demand is there for motorcycle and scooter parking (office/commercial precincts)
    • The space is in essence considered to have low potential for other uses
    • Does not significantly impact on the visual amenity of the area. 

    How do motorcycle and scooter riders access the designated trial parking areas?

    Motorcycle and scooter riders should access the designated areas using the adjacent ramp, driveway or service road, to ensure safe access that does not impact on pedestrian movements.

    Motorcyclists are not under any circumstances permitted to ride along the footpaths.

    How are the motorcycle and scooter areas designated?

    Signs delineate the area where you can park your motorcycle or scooter.
    Motorcycle and scooter riders can only park in the designated footpath areas. However, should they reoffend they may be issued a fine in accordance with Australian Road Rule regulation 197. Fines may also be issued by SAPOL.