March Update

Council decided not to introduce a separate rate in the East End and West End at this time.

 On 26 March at Council meeting the following decisions were made:

  1. Council notes that the results of public consultation in the East End were discussed at a confidential workshop at the meeting of the Finance and Corporate Governance Committee on 23 January 2013
  2. Council notes the results of the public consultation related to the introduction of a separate rate in the East End and West.
  3. Council notes the public release of the above results, together with a list of participants by name and address and their level of support for the introduction of a separate rate, as required by Council’s Communication and Consultation Policy and the Local Government Act 1999.
  4. Council resolves that a separate rate is not introduced in the East End and West End at this time.
  5. Council requests the Administration to prepare a report on any other funding models which may be available to support place-making and development initiatives in the business districts of the city.
  6. Council notes that Administration is preparing a draft policy and operating guidelines for the introduction of a separate rate, for use by Council and Precinct Groups interested in exploring the application of a separate rate, with a view to seeking Council endorsement of a draft policy and guidelines for the purpose of formal community consultation by 30 June 2013.
  7. Council notes that Administration will consult with Precinct Groups in the development of a separate rate policy and operating guidelines.
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This consultation has concluded.

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