Solar Savers Adelaide Endorsed by Council on 11 October 2016

Decision on 11th October 2016: Council endorsed the proceeding of the Solar Savers Adelaide initiative (Council Report available here). This scheme aims to reduce barriers faced by tenants and low-income residents in accessing solar panels on their roofs. Feedback from the community was used to inform the design of the scheme - please see the infographic for more details.

Solar Savers Adelaide is a voluntary program designed to ensure that energy savings achieved for the household will be greater than the repayments on the solar panel systems. Through this initiative, Council will fund the installation of solar panels on eligible residential properties through a quality assured, bulk purchased procurement process, and payments would be made over a 10 year period through a separate rates charge.

Currently we are working on the repayment design, determining eligibility and property suitability, and will be commencing with the procurement process before the end of the year.

Registration for this program has now closed.

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Consultation has concluded

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