Why do we have a Strategic Plan?

Councils are required to develop and adopt plans for the management of their areas. One of these plans is the Strategic Plan which must identify the council’s objectives for the area over a period of at least four years. The full requirements for Strategic Management Plans are set out in Section 122 of the Local Government Act 1999 (SA).

What has been done so far?

Council staff have been working with Council Members to identify their priorities and to share what we already know about community priorities.

Research pieces undertaken earlier this year, including the City User Profile Survey and the Resident Survey, are informing our thinking. You can access both of those survey reports and other documents containing data and insights relevant to Adelaide through the Related Documents area on this web page.

How will my input make a difference?

Your contribution may be used to shape the content of Council’s Strategic Plan and/or a detailed Action Plan.

It may also inform other planning and projects.

Will there be other opportunities for me to participate?

Yes. In Stage 2 you will have the opportunity to review and comment on a complete draft of the City of Adelaide Strategic Plan.

How do I provide my feedback?

During Stage 1, you have the opportunity to answer some key questions and provide your feedback on what’s important to you until 5:00pm on Wednesday 30 October 2019.

The feedback form can be found online on this web page and also in hard copy in our Customer Centre, libraries and community centres.
In Stage 2, you will have an opportunity to provide a submission on the draft Strategic Plan (subject to Council approval).

What happens next?

All feedback will be acknowledged either by email or in writing so that you know your comments have been received.

Your feedback is important to us. The City of Adelaide staff will collate all feedback and this report will be presented to Council for consideration.
Following the consideration of feedback, it is envisaged that the Strategic Plan will be presented to Council for adoption in early 2020.
All feedback received can be viewed online after the adoption of the Strategic Plan on this web page.