What other activities would you like to see in the city, day or night, and how could Council support these?

by None, almost 4 years ago

Consultation has concluded

  • AMK about 8 years ago
    Legal graffiti murals - everywhere, more small bars, more arts & cultural activities around the outside of the Festival Centre and along the riverbank.A centrally located multi-artform arts hub to provide adaptable collaborative environments to the small-medium arts organisations, with live performance areas (indoor & outdoor), NFP cafes, indoor & outdoor exhibition spaces.Council could support these activities through consulting with the people who are on the ground making these things happen already, and asking them how they envisage the future. And through providing much more money to the arts than it currently does.
  • factor about 8 years ago
    Using the big screen in rundle mall opposite Myer to play sporting events etc or creating a new one for events. Then having food carts, bands etc around for big events like the AFL grand final to draw people into the city.
  • Trev about 8 years ago
    Activate squares and laneways with organised events that keep people entertained and staying in the City. Provide appropriate entertainment, maybe face painters if kids are attending. Live band for younger people etc.
  • mark about 8 years ago
    Dancing. Really vibrant cities like Barcelona and Buenos Aires encourage citizens and tourists alike to dance. It's the best kind of exercise,joyous,exhillerating and sociable. Easily combined with street musicians and performers