If you have applied for a street permit, can we make the process easier for you?

by None, over 4 years ago

Street permits include : on Street Activities permit , City Works, Outdoor Dining, Objects on Footpath, Busking, Badge Day

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Consultation has concluded

  • Andy Salvanos over 8 years ago
    I propose an annual permit application for professional buskers (rather than monthly or daily), with option to sell copyrighted CDs and DVDs. (See my comments re. busking).
  • Adelaide Piano Busker over 8 years ago
    As with Andy's comment... an annual permit for professional buskers. This could always be cancelled at any time, but it is strange to have a business rely on a monthly permit system.... I don't know of other businesses that are dependent on a monthly permit. A professional musician who busks and treats his craft as a business is a business.