What are your suggestions for how footpath congestion could be better managed?

by admin, over 4 years ago

We are interested in solutions to solve footpath congestion outside venues at night. Congestion issues usually arise when venues have a combination of outdoor dining, and patron queueing.

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Consultation has concluded

  • the reading room almost 9 years ago
    I think traders who have outdoor dining or activities need to be allowed to take responsibility to self-regulate in this area. However guidleines regarding the use of bollards/ropes may be useful, and maintaing a minimum 'footpath zone'
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    • shopper almost 9 years ago
      I agree, i think allowing the venues/restaurants to take some ownership for their space will help to make the streets look more unique and inviting. owners can individualise their spaces to what their business/patron needs are
  • sighmon almost 9 years ago
    Try closing the streets to cars during high foot traffic times in the central entertainment, restaurant and shopping streets. I'm thinking of Rundle Street, Gouger Street and Hindley Street in particular. Perhaps provide portable bike racks and more outdoor tables & portable food vendors on the streets.
  • factor almost 9 years ago
    I encourage outdoor dining, but there should be pedestrian traffic flow and venues should ensure their patrons enable pedestrians to get through easily
  • shopper almost 9 years ago
    Maybe those venues with outdoor dining during the day can either chose to use it at night, or use that space for queueing, at night, so one or the other instead of both.