Project background and information

We would like to inform you of the programming of events throughout the Adelaide Park Lands during the Summer Event Season from October 2016 – April 2017, and to seek your feedback on specific event considerations.

Your feedback on these events will help us to build well run events around the City.

The Adelaide Park Lands Events Management Plan 2016-2020 outlines Council’s consultation and engagement requirements before a temporary event licence for the Park Lands is granted, if it:
Will occupy a significant portion of a Park for more than four weeks (including bump in and out)
Is seeking road closure of more than 24 hours to utilise an entire site
Is a new event application that would have significant impact on the Park Lands or community.

To find out more please read:
The Consultation Pack for further information
Attachment A for Event Management Approaches
Attachment B for Programming by Month
Attachment C for Programming by Park

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Consultation has concluded.

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