What would make you change the way you travel into the city?

about 4 years ago

What would make you leave your car at home? Read Discussion Paper 5 - Changing travel behaviour and share your thoughts on our potential strategies. 

  • Adelaide resident about 8 years ago
    More taxis, especially on a saturday night would really help as there is always at least a 1 hr wait for travellers leaving after midnight.Also, public transport such as buses tend to be extremely overcrowded during peak hours. Often travellers on my bus route have to wait for the next bus because the bus is already full before its has left the city. So perhaps during peak hours, there needs to be more frequent buses than what there is to accomodate the peak travel time.
  • scq7 about 8 years ago
    Strategy option 4.5.1 'Provide simple and legible on-street wayfinding and static information for cycling and walking' pg 10, Discussion Paper 5 This is a good idea. Currently the greater level of investment in signage for car users vs pedestrians/cyclists does not reflect the change in behaviors the community is seeking.
  • PerryW about 8 years ago
    I don't want to bring my car into the city. I have a commute of nearly 50km each way every day. In a perfect world, there would be a clean, efficient mass-transit system that would whisk me to and from the city in relative comfort in less time than it takes me to drive and park. Of course, that's not going to happen in my lifetime, even if it could be run on a cost-neutral basis, the capital cost would be exorbitant. The current public transport hubs (I've tried Mt Barker for a couple of weeks) are a good start, but being packed like a sardine into a bus that adds an hour each day to my travel time is not a runner.I'm heartened to see mention of park 'n' ride in the report - that's a compromise I could live with. Secure peripheral parking with dedicated and frequent eco-friendly buses that get traffic priority through to the CBD - That would do it.Get commuters like me out of the city by giving us a usable alternative - you won't do it with pricing alone - double my parking charge and I'll still pay if there's no alternative. But, once there is an alternative, then bring in the disincentives - make day parking expensive and at the same time, make casual short term parking (less than 4 hours?) between 10 - 4 and after 6, dirt cheap to bring in customers to our city businesses.