How does this project relate to the Our Market District Plan?

    Direct actions identified in the Our Market District Plan include:
    • “Improve footpaths, seating, landscaping, and roadways along the north-south streets to build on existing character and opportunities and create interesting and safe spaces for people”.
    • “Make Field and Market Streets a pedestrian friendly environment, with potential for shared use
    • roadways”
    These actions have been considered alongside the feedback received from stakeholders as
    part of Stage 1 consultation (for a summary, please visit the Your Say Adelaide page online at

    What are the key design objectives for the streetscape upgrades?

    Key design objectives for the streetscape upgrade include:

    • Investigating short term improvements (‘quick wins’) and long term opportunities for the street that are high quality and welcoming
    • Enhancing the pedestrian environment with improved access and quality footpaths and lighting
    • Increasing greening in the street through street tree and understorey planting
    • Exploring shared use zone opportunities
    • Investigating opportunities to increase footpath widths where possible
    • Rationalising intersection and thresholds (continuous footpaths)
    • Achieving Disability Discrimination Act compliant public realm design
    • Being sympathetic towards the local heritage listed buildings
    • Improving bin collection and servicing
    • Improving traffic management
    • Managing car parking opportunities to maximise pedestrian amenity

    What is the purpose and approach for the engagement?

    The purpose of the engagement for the Vincent Street and Vincent Place streetscape upgrade is to consult, inform and collaborate with key stakeholders and the local community to understand project aspirations and seek feedback on design options.

    The approach for the Vincent Street and Vincent Place streetscape upgrade will include:

    • Direct engagement with local residents and businesses, local community groups, and infrastructure providers through meetings, presentations, door knocking and letter-box drops
    • Indirect engagement with the wider community through a Your Say Adelaide webpage and letter-box drops.

    How will the engagement be undertaken?

    The Engagement will be undertaken in two stages:

    Stage 1 will present preliminary concept options to local residents and businesses, local community groups, and the wider community to test initial ideas and
    identify community aspirations.

    Stage 2 will present a refined concept to key stakeholders providing an opportunity to further comment on the concept prior to Council endorsement and detail design.