Will there be access into U-park during construction?

    Yes, access to the U-park at Topham mall remain open. Please be patient and proceed with caution due to construction works. Traffic and pedestrian management will be in place.

    Will there be any impact to my business?

    There will be minimal impact to your business. Construction will be scheduled to ensure minimal impact is achieved to businesses within the area. Entrances into business will not be affected during construction.

    Will there be any impact on traffic?

    Traffic is already built up in this intersection. Changing the entrance into 1 lane will increase this. We are increasing the pedestrian safety within this area. This is our priority, to provide a balance and improve pedestrian access, and to cater for increased people movements. 

    When will construction begin?

    Our design will be completed in the 2022/23 financial year, and construction will begin after completion of the design.